Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Thanksgiving Tablescapes

Well since November is well underway now and we are hosting a couple different parties I thought I should start thinking about tablescapes.  I love to decorate for the holidays and I love to host holiday parties, so I'm really excited this year to be hosting a dinner for friends and Thanksgiving at my house.  I have a few different ideas of what I'm looking for, but haven't been able to find a picture that has it all.  Even Pottery Barn, my mentor and inspiration, hasn't done it for me this year.  I still love you PB.  So in my vast searching of the world wide web this is what I found.

I absolutely love the creams, ambers and use of silver pieces in this one.  Plus it helps that they are using my absolute favorite kind of roses in that silver urn.

I love the rich fall colors and the use of nature in this one.

What a cute idea.  I won't use it on the table, but my kitchen window would look great with this.

I did find this little beauty from PB.  So easy to replicate.  I'll be making a few of these lovelies for my home.

I guess we'll see what I end up using for my own tablescape, but I think I'm leaning toward the first lovely setting.  I really love the soft and cozy feel that it has.  It helps that all my dishes are of the cream family as well.  Follow me to see how my tablescape turns out.

If you're visiting let me know what you think since I love to hear others ideas.  I'm linking up to Today's Creative Blog.  Stop by to see lots of other great ideas.


  1. Beautiful! I want to make some of the give thanks candles for my table this year! Great ideas!

  2. Very cute blog! HS friends with Jen Yancey,

  3. I've been planning my Thanksgiving table in my head for awhile now...I'm so excited! Thank you for the FUN post with good ideas.


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