Monday, November 2, 2009

So Many Projects, So Little Time

Okay, let me start this post by saying that I really do love our home.  But, you saw that coming didn't you.  But, there are so many projects that I dream of doing to really make this our home.  The list goes on and on and while I do realize that our homes are a constant work in progress, I also hope to get to a point where I feel content and at peace with my home.  A large part of my disgruntledness towards my home is that there is very little organization going on.  We moved in six months ago and I was in such a hurry to get things unpacked and put away since Mr. Handsome was due to arrive soon that things were never really organized at the new house.  Our bathroom stuff still isn't fully unpacked, the laundry room hasn't been organized and is therefore a dumping ground for everything these days (I have to unbury the washer to do laundry) and my bedroom/closet is currently serving as a catch-all for clean laundry, dirty laundry, Ella's dolls, stuffed animals and blankets and anything else that manages to make its way upstairs.

So, I have decided to give myself a challenge.  There are nine more weeks in 2009.  I want to cross off eighteen of my to-do's before the end of the year.  I know that's a lot, but I have a lot on my list.  I know that I won't be able to do all of my "big" projects, but the purpose of this challenge isn't to make my home perfect between now and the new year, it's really just to give me a jump start on making my home feel more peaceful and organized.  So I'll post my list of to-do's on the sidebar and I'll keep you updated with my progress.  I've included some pictures as well just to keep things real here.

Lots of blank walls to fill

Lots of unfinished ceiling trim to do

I told you my laundry room was a disaster

A very messy pantry

I have big plans for this toy room

I also have huge plans for our closet.  Can you tell Ella plays with our shoes?

The basement - What more can I say?

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  1. I love your home too! I feel the same way about mine too. I know one of my problems is that I just have too much stuff. I've got to do something about that! I moved from a larger house to my small cottage and I guess I have filled it up way too much! Have fun! I know that it is going to be beautiful!

    Lee Laurie


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