Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Congratulations Aunt Caitlin!!!

Part of our trip to California was to see my younger sister graduate from high school.  We're so proud of you Caitlin.  We're also super excited for you to go to BYU Hawaii in the fall ~ lucky girl.  Congratulations!  We love you!
 Auntie Caitlin
 Mom and Dad
 Grandma and Grandpa
~ The sisters ~ 
Aubrey, Courtney, Caitlin, Brittany and Me

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Happy Birthday Little Man!!!

This is really late, but Happy Birthday Cameron!  My little man turned two on June 3rd.  We were lucky enough to be in California visiting family for his birthday so he got to have two birthday parties.
 I just love this handsome little man!
 He already doesn't like it when I love on him... too bad.
 Don't get between him and chocolate frosting... he just may bite your hand.

 Look at the suspense as he opens his present.
 Poor little guy finally got a bike for his birthday.  Of course, he has decided he doesn't want to ride it.
 Me and Mr. Handsome
 Stuffed Cars Toys... at least if he throws these at his sister they won't hurt.
 Whoa... another photo of Cameron and I... not really sure how that happened.

 It's amazing how sweet he is when he sleeps and isn't terrorizing anyone or anything.
 Speaking of terrorizing things.  Poor bird.
Cameron you are such a special little boy.  We love you so much and are so lucky to have you in our family.  You certainly challenge us and keep us on our toes, but you are also one of the sweetest little boys I know.  You adore your baby sister and totally look up to your older sister.  If Ella does something you are always right there tagging along.  Someday this may become a problem, but I hope not cause you two are best buds.  Of course you fight just as much as you get along, but I love watching you play together.  You are so smart and have started talking so much more lately.  You love to share your blankie with your baby sister (which just shows how much you love her, since nobody is allowed to touch your blankie).  Your nursery leaders say you are the only one in nursery to always say please, thank you or sorry and they think you are the sweetest little boy.  At home you are always the first person to say excuse you when some sneezes.  Of course you think it's hilarious if you toot and you like to tell everyone.  You have the most awful scream/growl that you like to constantly torment us with, but you sure have the sweetest voice when you use it.  You love to be outdoors and in the dirt.  You love trucks, balls, trains, airplanes, The Foot Book by Dr. Seuss, The Shark In the Dark book, the movie Cars and Beauty and the Beast (really you just like the Beast... I think it's just to torment your sister).  You also really love to make messes and do things you're not supposed to while looking us in the eye and then rolling those little eyes while laughing your mischievous little laugh (how are we supposed to get mad when you do that?).  All in all your sweetness and handsomeness totally outweighs your rottenness and mischievous ways.  I love you so much little man!

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Happy Father's Day!!!

Happy Father's Day to my wonderful hubby, our amazing dad's and some awesome grandpa's!  We love you and miss you already.
 Take One
 Take Two
I give up
And we're done now...

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

How'd I Do... May Goals

Well just as I predicted May was an incredibly busy month and June isn't slowing down any.  So here is a quick run down of how my goals went for the month of May:

Start re-arranging rooms - Fail
Hang frames for gallery wall in reading room - Done, Done, Done... I've even got them filled with pictures already, so I'm really feelin' on the ball with this one.

Try three new recipes - Done... Lemon Infused Red Potatoes - yummy, Cafe Rio Pork Barbacoa Salad - oh my heavens!!!, Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Truffles, Cake Batter Truffles, Easy White Cake - these last three were for a baby shower... I don't just keep this sort of temptation around the house normally.
Start gathering recipes for family cookbook - I've thought of a few I want to add.

Work on ABC's, 123's and sound recognition with Ella and Cameron - Fail
Practice Patience (you can never have too much patience) - Let's just say we have our good days and bad days.

Host a baby shower - Done and if I ever get a second I'll post pics.

Stay in budget - I was $2 under budget this month :)

Finish catching up on my magazine pile - Still working on this... there are a lot of magazines.
Blog twice a week - Big Fat Fail... I was doing so good and then as usual life happened, but I have so much to blog about.

June Goals:

Homemaking -
Swap out munchkins winter clothes for summer clothes... finally.
Finish spring cleaning

Cooking -
Try three new recipes
Make a batch of baby food

Mothering -
Survive a week alone with the munchkins

Creating -
Sew something

Financing -
Stay in budget
Thrift shopping while in California

Enriching -
Catch up on my blogging
Start organizing my iPhoto