Wednesday, June 1, 2011

How'd I Do... May Goals

Well just as I predicted May was an incredibly busy month and June isn't slowing down any.  So here is a quick run down of how my goals went for the month of May:

Start re-arranging rooms - Fail
Hang frames for gallery wall in reading room - Done, Done, Done... I've even got them filled with pictures already, so I'm really feelin' on the ball with this one.

Try three new recipes - Done... Lemon Infused Red Potatoes - yummy, Cafe Rio Pork Barbacoa Salad - oh my heavens!!!, Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Truffles, Cake Batter Truffles, Easy White Cake - these last three were for a baby shower... I don't just keep this sort of temptation around the house normally.
Start gathering recipes for family cookbook - I've thought of a few I want to add.

Work on ABC's, 123's and sound recognition with Ella and Cameron - Fail
Practice Patience (you can never have too much patience) - Let's just say we have our good days and bad days.

Host a baby shower - Done and if I ever get a second I'll post pics.

Stay in budget - I was $2 under budget this month :)

Finish catching up on my magazine pile - Still working on this... there are a lot of magazines.
Blog twice a week - Big Fat Fail... I was doing so good and then as usual life happened, but I have so much to blog about.

June Goals:

Homemaking -
Swap out munchkins winter clothes for summer clothes... finally.
Finish spring cleaning

Cooking -
Try three new recipes
Make a batch of baby food

Mothering -
Survive a week alone with the munchkins

Creating -
Sew something

Financing -
Stay in budget
Thrift shopping while in California

Enriching -
Catch up on my blogging
Start organizing my iPhoto

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