Monday, October 22, 2012

Fall Family Photos

This past week was my birthday and so we decided to visit family for the weekend.  My one goal was to get some decent fall photos of the kiddos, fortunately I think we accomplished that and we were able to even get a semi-decent family photo, unfortunately though I forgot my camera and so we had to use the iPhone.  I was a very happy girl.

Monday, October 1, 2012

How'd I Do... September Goals

I'm so happy October is here.  Fall is my favorite time of year and the weather has been perfect here in the high 70's.  I do look forward to it cooling off just a tiny bit more though so I can start wearing sweaters and jeans.  Jeans are my absolute favorite thing to wear.  They're just so cute and comfy.  Anyways, let's take a look at September.

September Goals:

Homemaking -
Start the fall cleanup - Done
Switch light fixture in laundry room - Done and I love it.  Thanks Dad!
Add hooks in laundry room - Didn't quite happen, but I got it all cleaned out.

Cooking -
Get back into the habit of planning a weekly menu - We're working on this one.
Bake something new from Pinterest - To be honest I can't remember if I did this or not.

Mothering -
Snuggle my baby - How could I not... he's just so squishable.
Evan's baby blessing - Done.  It was so nice and as usual Andrew did a great job.  It was nice to visit with family too.
Practice patience with my number two child - We've been working on this, but I've noticed a change in his maturity the last couple weeks.  He is still an obnoxious three year old boy, but I think he's mellowing just a bit.  Yay!

Creating -
Paint the house numbers - Nope.  I'm out of ORB spray paint and so is the store.  Go figure.

Financing -
Figure out the new budget - Done.

Enriching -
Read a new book - Done.  I've got a whole pile sitting on my nightstand currently just waiting for me to read them too.
Make it to our Neighborhood Cooking Group - Done.  I look forward to this every month.  It's so nice to get together with friends and visit while we eat yummy food.

October Goals:

Homemaking -
Finish the fall cleaning inside
Finish the fall cleanup outside
Clean out our closet and install new shelves

Cooking -
Can applesauce 
Dice onion and freeze
Dice red peppers and freeze
Plan the menu and stick to it
No eating out this month except for our date night

Mothering -
Help Ella practice her handwriting
Help Cameron remember how to spell his name
Practice patience with Ashlynn's screaming
Continue to love on baby Evan

Creating -
Make some fall clippies for my girls
Make kids Halloween costumes

Financing -
Start Christmas shopping

Enriching -
Finish reading my gardening books
Start walking each day