Tuesday, November 24, 2009

A Busy Week

The last two weeks have been so busy at our house.  Here's just a few of the things we've been up to:

Lots of cleaning and organizing
Preparing the house for Thanksgiving guests
Christmas shopping - I'm almost all done now... woohoo!
Munchkins Christmas pictures - pics coming soon
I finally cut my hair off... it feels good to have short hair again
We got a good snowstorm Sunday night
In 'N' Out has finally opened and Andrew was kind enough to wait in line for over an hour so that we could taste the sweet deliciousness again
Andrew's mom has been visiting since Saturday
I've even managed to get in a few projects... posts to come soon

Well, both kids are sleeping and I'm off to bed for an early bed time tonight.  Next week I'll be back to normal and be posting again.  Here are a few pics for you though.

A few projects in the works...

We had an especially beautiful sunset Saturday night.

The backyard on Monday morning

It's so pretty when you don't have to go out in it


  1. Yo Shanade! I don't know where my brain is, but I thought you'd dropped off the face of the planet! I had a moment tonight (isn't that rare once you're a mommy?) and I was determined to find you. So I blog-hopped and found you. YAY!!!! I love your new blog. So fun to change things up! Beautiful pictures. Also, I always find your projects so inspiring. You've always been so awesome at that kind of stuff. Anyway, I'm fixing your address on my blog! Love ya!

  2. Great photos! We haven't had snow yet this year.

  3. Lovely pics.
    Nice blog you have here.

    i signed up to follow so i can keep up with you.

    barbara jean


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