Monday, October 12, 2009

Visiting Grandma and Grandpa

A couple of weeks ago (this is how far behind I am on posting) Andrew's firm took all the attorney's to Lake Powell for the weekend.  So I took this as the perfect opportunity to take a little weekend trip with the kids.  I loaded the car up with with both kids, all their gear and the dog and we headed to my grandparents house for a little weekend visit.  It's only a three hour drive so it wasn't too bad, but both kids were getting pretty restless by the time we got there, not to mention Roxy too.  We had a great little visit.  Ella got to feed the ducks with her Great-Grandpa at the pond, both Ella and Cameron got spoiled by Great-Grandma and their Great-Aunt Alicia with toys and new shoes and Ella even got new big girl panties so she will be all ready when she decides it's time to use the potty.  It was so nice to visit for a couple of days and we're lucky to have them so close.  We look forward to seeing them next month at Thanksgiving.

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  1. How cute is Ella and Grandpa together? I like that they matched their outfits for the day :)I really wish Dublin would sit on his lap like that, he sits for like two nano seconds and then is off again.


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