Thursday, October 29, 2009


We are home, unpacked and settling back into life at home once again.  We had a great time in Florida and were able to enjoy some beautiful weather before coming home to snow.  We soaked up some sun at Fort Myers Beach and a beach in Sanibel.  We also got to tour through Thomas Edison's winter home while enjoying the beautiful grounds with over a thousand different types of plants and flowers.  We visited the Manitee Park, but didn't see any manitees. :(  I guess it isn't cool enough yet.  We did see lots of butterflies though so Ella was quite happy with that trip.  We also did a driving tour through the wildlife refuge in Sanibel.  We saw some racoons, birds and lots of jumping fish, but no alligators.  On Sunday Andrew and I got to go ocean kayaking to some orange mangroves, which were pretty cool.  We also got to enjoy the pool and hot tub quite a bit.  Thanks Granddad and GrandPam for the great trip, the amazing food and the free babysitting.

Ella's "Dripping Mud Sand Castle"

Ella's baby had to go for a walk on the beach :)

My Dream House on the Canal

I tried sending Andrew a message, but he wouldn't listen

Mr. Handsome really enjoyed the grounds of Edison's winter home

Edison's Winter Home

Ella was so excited to see so many "futterflies"

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  1. You were right by where we are going to live this January! How fun!!


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