Monday, October 12, 2009

Ella's Exciting News

Ella wanted me to let everyone know that yesterday she got her very own big girl bed.  She was very excited to not be in a baby bed anymore.  Now she can crawl in and out of bed on her own, kinda scary if you ask me.  She slept so good last night and we only had one incident at about midnight when she woke up crying, but after sitting with her for a few minutes she went right back to sleep and even let me sleep in this morning.  She is getting so big and is excited for her second birthday since she likes to tell everyone she is "two".  She has also decided that since she is a big girl she wants to eat her cereal with milk now.  Surprisingly she has done pretty well with this adjustment and we've had minimal spillage.  Here are some cute pics of our big girl.

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