Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Spooky Blocks Tutorial

I've had a few people ask for a tutorial on how to make these blocks, so here it goes.

Stuff you need:

Wood blocks
Vinyl lettering
Six pieces of scrapbook paper
Craft paint
Mod Podge
Paint brush
Black and white stamp pad

Cut and sand the edges of your blocks.
Paint the blocks using craft paint.  I used black paint.
Cut the scrapbook paper to fit the blocks.  My paper was a 1/4" smaller than the block on all sides.  Just enough for the paint to pop through the edges.
Apply the vinyl to the paper before mod podging onto the blocks.  If you want to distress the paper with a stamp pad then do this now before mod podging the paper to the blocks.
Mod podge the paper onto the block and flip the block upside down to help keep the paper from curling up until dry.
Once everything is dry add a final coat of mod podge to the front of the block.

I ordered my vinyl from JK Vinyl Designs on etsy.  She did an excellent job and was really affordable and quick.  My lettering was 5" high.  I found that the perfect block width for that height was 4.5".  I also staggered the height of my blocks between 6" and 7.5".

Good luck!


  1. Thanks! Now I just have get Mom to make it with me...guess they'll be done next year lol.

  2. So how do you order them premade?? LOL. Mom said she's gonna make me a set instead of making one for her V.T. So I guess I'll be getting it next year LOL


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