Monday, October 12, 2009

Here Kitty, Kitty...

I just finished Ella's costume and I'm so excited about how cute it turned out.  I used the Pottery Barn Kids cat costume as my inspiration, but since it's pretty cold here at Halloween I had to do some tweaking.  She just looks so darn cute.  I know that I've already posted way too much today and you're sick of me I'm sure, but seriously have you ever seen such a cute cat?

Oh my heavens... too cute!

She's trying to show you her tail.

I just need to finish her treat bag now.

Pottery Barn Costume... I'm going to attempt to replicate this bag.


  1. OMGoshness!! she is so adorable!!! I love the costume! Give Ella and Cameron my love!

  2. Very adorable!! Good job Shanade. Ella is cute as always.

  3. I think your version is cuter than the Pottery Barn. Ella looks so grown up in her costume too! Seriously! I'm impressed!

  4. that's adorable! my 3 year old decided TODAY not to be Ariel anymore but a Pirate instead. So not what I was thinking lol, but I will ablige.

  5. She's too cute! Congrats on creating it yourself- I'd say it's better than the PB version :).

  6. What a cute costume love it!!! they have bags like that at Sams Club for 4.91 not sure if they have a cat but i got a ghost and a black bat they had a few others. Hope that helps
    Great Job

  7. I have to say your costume is gorgeous and far surpasses Pottery Barns! In fact theirs looks like a knock off of your costume! Great job momma! Your little one looks thrilled to be modeling such an amazing costume!


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