Tuesday, March 1, 2011

How'd I Do... February Goals

Well let me just begin by saying that February was a huge flop as far as my monthly goals go.  We ended up having an incredibly busy month and to make things even worse, the munchkins took turns being sick for three weeks straight, sooo we didn't really leave the house last month.  Talk about feeling trapped.  I'm definitely a homebody, but I have to leave the house several times a week at least to keep my sanity, even if we're just getting out to window shop.  Pathetic, but true.  Anyways, so lets take a looksee...

February's goals:

Decorate the toy room - I got a couple projects done, but I can't find a stupid curtain rod.  Everytime I get to Target or Wal-Mart they don't have the one I want in the size I need.
Finish decorating the munchkins room - I made progress, but it's not done.
Add finishing touches to living room - Didn't even start, but I do have a few ideas floating around that require a trip to IKEA {yay!!!}.

Try three new recipes - This is about the only place I excelled this month.  We tried five new recipes, tweaked a couple of oldies but goodies and only one of those recipes ended up being  a complete disaster.  Here are the recipes: Sweet and Sour Pineapple Meatballs - pretty tasty, although they needed a little something more, not sure what yet, but I will definitely be making these again.  Homemade Oreo Cookies - a fun little Valentine's treat.  Chewy Chocolate Chip Oatmeal Cookies - oh so good.  Creamy Au Gratin Potatoes - these were much better than boxed Au Gratin potatoes for sure, although I would have liked a little more flavor to them.  Tomato Basil Soup - this was terrible and the worst part was I spent way too much money on the ingredients, spent way too much time trying to make it and made a huge mess of my kitchen when my blender exploded while blending the soup {I'm still finding tomato everywhere}.  I also tweaked my Pot Roast recipe, which ended up being the best pot roast I've ever made.  It literally was falling apart it was so tender.  We also tried a new kind of butter gold potato with our pot roast and just seasoned them and baked them in the oven like a red potato.  They were so good and definitely tasted like butter.  
Clean out freezer - Um, yeah this still needs done.  It's gettin' kinda scary to open the door of the freezer... you gotta watch those toes for falling unrecognizable frozen things.
Mix up a large batch of cookie dough and freeze into individual balls - I ended up making a double batch of the Chewy Chocolate Chip Oatmeal Cookies.  I now have 120 frozen cookie dough balls in the freezer.

Continue practicing patience - I certainly had my fair share of time to practice this this month.  Let's just say there were good days and bad days.
Go to the library at least twice this month - We were actually able to make it once for storytime... anything more was not an option with sick kids for the first half of the month.
Involve Ella and Cameron in the kitchen when cooking - Didn't happen as much as I was hoping, but that's cause they were sick {don't want to go spreading those germs}.

Finish sewing nursery curtains - Um, I'm tired.  Maybe they'll be done before she has to share a room with her big sister.
Paint and hang beadboard picture frames for munchkins room - Haha, I actually got it done.
Sew something for Valentine's Day... not sure what I want to make just yet - Um, no.  I'm thinking I want to sew matching skirts for the girls for Easter though.  How cute would that be!?!

Purchase new desk for front room - We just haven't had time to get it, but it's on the calendar for this weekend.
Make a list detailing how to allocate this months household budget to stay within my budget - I didn't make a list, but I did pretty good.

Blog once a week - I think I did pretty good this month all things considered.
Go back to the gym - Okay, so this may or may not count, but I did get back to the gym once at the very end of the month.  Again with the sick munchkins and lack of sleep excuse.
Read a book - I'm pathetic!  What more can I say?  I checked out "The Happiness Project" from the library again and made a little more progress on it last month, but didn't manage to finish it.  It really is a good book though and I really do enjoy reading, but by the time we get the munchkins in bed all I really want to do is crawl in bed {I can't even take a bath lately because I just fall asleep in the tub}.
Get together with the girls for a craft night - Nope.  But I did make some super cute clippies for the girls.  I'll have to post some pics.

Okay, let's try this again.  Here are my goals for March:

Decorate the toy room
Finish decorating the munchkins room
Tweak a few things in the living room

Clean out the freezer
Prepare five different freezer meals
Try three new recipes {I'm really enjoying this}

Take some time for myself each week to go and do something I want to do
Practice Patience
Go on a walk once a week... weather permitting

Sew something
Alter one piece of clothing in my closet {get creative}
Sew curtains for nursery

Get our new desk

Blog once a week
Read a book
Spend some time with my hubby

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