Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Another "Frugal" Post

Here is my shopping trip this morning that I was so excited about and just had to post because I'm lame like that.  
I bought 55 items, saved $115.63 (72% savings) and only spent $47.50.  Needless to say I was a little excited about this.  I told you I was lame.

Since I'm doing another post about my frugal "adventures" if you can call them that, I thought I'd show you some of my thrifting trips lately as well.  I have always enjoyed thrift store shopping or "dumpster diving" as my dad so lovingly would call it.  Even as a teenager I thought it was tons of fun to go and by clothes and try to transform them into something else.  Lots of fond memories.  But, once I got married and was in college I felt like I didn't have time to go and really kinda forgot all about it.  Then once we started having munchkins the thought never even occurred to me to check out the thrift store.  I'll be honest, I sorta thought you couldn't by stain-free, still in decent shape, used munchkin clothes.  But holy cow, have I been wrong.  Of course with one child it didn't really phase me to go by clothes for her, but then the second came along and I started feeling that sense of dread when I had to buy clothes for both munchkins, it suddenly seemed very expensive and then of course with a third it's a whole new ballgame.  So I've started scouring the thrift store as often as I can to find super cute, name brand, clean clothes for my munchkins.  Now admittedly you have to dig through a lot of crap to get the goods, but when you do, it's totally worth it.  And now I don't feel like having a stroke when Miss Ella decides to drag her feet along the concrete scuffing her shoes to death while I'm thinking that I just spent $20 last week on those shoes, they're already yucky looking and they're never going to make it to Missy Ashlynn.  Of course, I still hate when she does that, but at least now I've only spent $2 on them.
This was bought at a consignment store during one of those sales where they give you a bag and everything you can fit in that bag from certain bins is only $8.50.  The total consignment store price for everything would have been $50.00 so I can only imagine what the original retail price was.
 My little model... this shirt was also from the above loot.
The cute Osh Kosh jacket was $5, everything else was $2 a piece including all four brand new boys jeans from Kohl's.
It's definitely worth taking the time to scour the thrift stores in my opinion.


  1. Love it! I'm with you on the thrift store shopping. Way to go on those prices! And marvelous job on your grocery trip. I don't think you're lame at all. I love this kind of stuff!

  2. So awesome! I love these kinds of posts. Especially the clothes. I do pretty well with my clearance and extra coupon codes and online shopping, but sometimes I wonder if I could do better. I'll have to check out our thrift store.


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