Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Happy Birthday Dr. Seuss

We are huge fans of Dr. Seuss at our house.  So we had to celebrate his birthday today.  It really was pretty low key, but fun nonetheless.  We started the day off with a little "Cat In the Hat" cartoon marathon this morning.  After naps we made some fun hats and we finished off our day with some delicious green eggs and ham.  The munchkins loved it and thought it was so much fun making their hats.  I think they look too cute with them.
This picture makes the eggs look like they're glowing.

We just might have to make this a yearly celebration at our house.


  1. How fun is that!! My kids wouldn't touch the green eggs! I love the hats!

  2. How awesome! Your kids are so adorable, especially in those hats! What a way to celebrate!!

  3. So fun and cute! We're going to have to do that next year!


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