Thursday, February 24, 2011

{A Little Fondue Fun}

For Valentine's Day we've sorta started a tradition of going to the Melting Pot with friends.  This was actually our third year going.  In case you've never had the sheer pleasure of sampling some of their delicious fare, you are truly missing out.  It is so good and it's a lot of fun to go with a crowd.  I think this is what makes it so good.  We've commented a couple of times that it wouldn't be nearly as fun if it were just us.  Anywho, this year we had four couples and let me tell you, we were all a little giddy to be at the Melting Pot and out of the house without our children.  Not that we don't adore our children, but it sure is nice to enjoy a good meal when it's still warm and I don't have to worry about wearing that meal {Cameron has been known on more than one occasion to throw his food at you}.  Anyways, it's a four course meal.  We started with our cheese fondue, which is to die for, then moved onto salad, then comes the meat and a million little sauces and to really just top of your night you finish with some heavenly chocolate.
 Waiting for our various meats to cook...
 We were a little anxious to eat so I kinda forgot to take pictures until it was mostly gone... but we had filet mignon, sirloin, lobster, shrimp, duck, chicken and ravioli.  I think that's all.
Scott and Heather
 Brad and Sheila
 Andrew and Me... not really sure what he was laughing at.
Abe and Andrea

 Can you tell that we were all a little excited to be there?  Thanks for a great evening everyone.

Oh and I almost forgot, funny story about that night... our poor twelve year old babysitter who had all three munchkins and will probably never come back again had an interesting night to say the least.  The power went out, so of course the munchkins freaked out {this was made even worse since it interrupted Beauty and the Beast}.  Of course I didn't tell her where any flashlights were because who really thinks about that and really the only reason I knew the power went out is because one of our friends babysitter called them asking for a flashlight.  So I had to call her dad and tell him where to tell her to look for a flashlight.  Then on top of that Missy Ashlynn had a blowout while the power was out and she didn't want to take her bottle, so she was pretty fussy... I still don't think I got the full story on how upset she was cause I know how worked up she gets when she's hungry.  Then one of our neighbors brought candles over and knocked on the door, but someone knocking on the door just freaked everyone out even more.  Fortunately, this poor girls mom came over and helped calm our munchkins down until we could get home.  I felt really bad for her, but it really is kinda funny to think about now.


  1. Sounds like a fun night! Too bad about your poor babysitter though!

  2. That is a great tradition, isn't it?!?!


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