Thursday, February 17, 2011

Cabin Fever

For the last three weeks, we've been trapped at home due to this nasty cold that's been going around.  And I've gotta be honest, I don't think my munchkins will ever be healthy again.  Andrew was the first to get it and he had it for what seemed like an eternity a week and a half.  Unfortunately, my little man caught it next and had it for about a week.  He seemed to be better and I thought the rest of us or as Miss Ella calls us "the girls" would be spared, but no, we wouldn't be so lucky.  Ella got a mild case of it a couple days later and then my poor poor baby got it.  Missy Ashlynn has had it by far the worst of the three munchkins.  It's been about a week and a half now and she's still coughing a little, but seems to be almost completely better.  Of course when they are that small there is nothing that you can give them to help except some saline drops {which in my opinion, don't seem to help a whole lot}.  On the bright side though she was sleeping great.  Oh and now that Missy Ashlynn is just about better Cameron has decided to go for round two.  The coughing is awful and I can't keep up with the runny nose... poor little guy.  So between the sick munchkins, the mountain of laundry that comes with the sick munchkins and the need to constantly be holding a sick munchkin, I haven't done a darn thing lately.  The toy room is sitting in shambles, the laundry room looks like an explosion took place and my library book {that I've checked out for the second time now} is sitting on my nightstand half finished and due back in two days and I'm just way too tired to clean one extra thing or even attempt to finish reading my book even though I'm very much enjoying this book.  Oh the joys of mommyhood...

I did manage to make a fun treat for Valentine's Day though.  Homemade Oreos... mmm mmm mmmm.

I got this really yummy recipe from The Sister's Cafe



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