Friday, August 27, 2010

Summer Days In the Life of A Munchkin

Here is a little taste of what Ella and Cameron have been up to this summer...
Enjoying a little pool time (and I do mean little pool)
We had already decided we needed a bigger pool for next summer, but when Roxy ate a hole in the pool that sort of sealed the deal
Cameron wasn't such a fan of the cold water
So he sat at a safe distance with daddy
Cameron looking as "dapper" as ever (we've been reading a lot of Fancy Nancy lately)
What little girl doesn't chase bubbles in her big girl panties!?!
Ella Bella got a big girl bike
More water games... notice the pool is gone at this point and we've moved on to the beach ball sprinkler
Roxy wrestling time
A little daydreaming...
Lots of crazy naptime hair
Plenty of horseback riding
And lots and lots of storytime... 


  1. Our dog chewed through two pools this summer! GRRRRR. Looks like you guys have had fun! Your kids are growing up too fast!

  2. omg they're both getting so big!! And the bigger they get the cuter they get!


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