Friday, August 27, 2010

Bear Lake Camping

Wow!  I can't believe August is practically over already.  We've had quite the busy month, which explains my lack of blogging.  So our month is going to have to be blogged about it several posts, so just bare with me.  First things first...  the first weekend in August we went with friends camping up to Bear Lake for Raspberry Days.  We had this trip planned since last summer practically and had really been looking forward to it.  We headed up Thursday after work and stayed through Sunday, which was nice since this was really our only trip this summer.  Here is how we spent our time:
On Friday we headed to the lake where the kids quite enjoyed the water and sand

Ella got to ride the wave-runners with daddy
And Cameron enjoyed throwing rocks in the water
We did have a little adventure on Friday.  We'd always heard about the storms that come up from out of nowhere and seem to destroy just about everything in their path, but we'd never seen one, until this trip.  Friday night we went out to get hamburgers and raspberry shakes.  While eating we were watching the storm blow in and knew that we needed to get back to camp soon.  We got back just in time and were able to get all our loose items secured.  At that point everyone hunkered down in their tents or cars.  We decided to sit in our tent and play with the kids, which was fine until the 80 mph winds decided to snap two of our tent poles in half and destroy our tent, soaking just about everything inside at the same time.  Fortunately, I had enough sense to have Andrew grab our sleeping stuff while I was fighting the wind and rain to get the kids in the car.  Our friends also happened to have their tent (which was not being used - long story) their and let us use that for the next two nights.  In the end it was fine, but next year we've got to get a new tent.
Cameron loved pushing the trucks around camp
He also really loved the dirt... I guess he is a boy
On Saturday we made it up to Montpelier, ID and ended up here... Andrew was quite happy being the history buff that he is... I was just happy to be out of the sun for a little bit

Ella thought it was pretty cool that she got to play with the coin machine at the museum
Don't let this happy face fool you... he really wasn't that happy to sit in the stroller and walk around
Both kids thought the bear on the wall was pretty cool and helped to keep them entertained

Cameron especially loved the bear and its teeth... not sure how I feel about this
Did I mention that between the four couples camping we had "nine" kids four and under and two more on the way :)
On Saturday after dinner the guys took the older kids and went fishing
Since we're really not the fishing type (I have told Andrew he could do an Alaskan fishing trip though) and didn't have anything to fish with, Ella enjoyed playing on the rocks and Andrew got some fun pictures

Thanks everyone for a great trip... and thanks again Porter's for the tent and blankets and tent heater.

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  1. My family has a cabin at Bear favorite place on earth to visit...I am orginally from Logan. Those late afternoon rain storms are something should see the snow storms! Glad you had a fun kids and grandkids love to go there.


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