Friday, August 27, 2010

Hobble Creek Half Marathon

Last weekend Andrew had his half marathon... needless to say I'm not a huge fan of these and neither is Andrew really, but for some reason he continues to do them. :)  He always says he's going to train for it and then he never does and before he knows it, it's time to run and he's not prepared.  Then he pays for it for the next few days as he hobbles around and winces in pain.  I told him this year was his last and he should just do 5k's and 10k's from here on out since he can easily run that without killing himself.  Anyways, we still love him and are proud of him once again and it was fun to actually get to see him cross the finish line this time (I've always missed it in the past).
Waiting for daddy... still happy
still waiting... not so happy anymore
trying everything to keep him happy

here he comes... finally... the race started 45 minutes late and we didn't know so we ended up waiting for about an hour instead of the 15 minutes I thought we would be waiting... that's why kids were cranky
Yay!  He made it!
Not that we doubted him... although before I knew the race started late I was starting to worry he was passed out on the side of the road

Good job as usual Babe!  We love you and are proud of you!


  1. Wooooo! Way to go, Andrew! That's awesome!

  2. You guys have been so busy! Awesome! That's what summer is supposed to be like. Way fun about the camping. We want to go next month if possible. Cute kiddos and congrats, Andrew!


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