Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Garden Updates

It's been a pretty good year for our garden considering the abuse it's taken (Ella really likes to get in there and pull things that shouldn't be pulled - Roxy (the dog) usually accompanies her and is the taste tester).  We tried several new things this year and I'm excited to say that they have actually produced something more than just weeds.  While I'm happy with this years progress over last years, I did have high hopes for the garden this year.  That is until I found out I was pregnant... wasn't really planning on that this summer.  It's alright though, there is always next summer.  So this is what we have so far:
Snow Peas - these have done super well this year, so far I've gotten a gallon freezer bag and it's still producing.  Although, our heat has just about completely fried them so I'm thinking I'm going to yank them out and replant so I get a fall harvest too.
Don't they look yummy!
Sugar Snap Peas - these haven't done nearly as well as the snow peas, but we've still managed to get a quart size bag.
Cucumbers - this is one of the poor plants that Ella Bella has attacked on more than one occasion (I'd actually venture to say it is her favorite).  We've had several cucumbers doing really well, only to be destroyed by a little girl.  I currently have close to 30 out there that will be ready to pick soon (barring any incidents).  I planted 24 plants in the hopes that I would be able to pickle them.  All the plants actually survived and are doing well.  Now if only I could get a cucumber that is ready to be picked.
I planted 12 tomato plants in the hopes that I could make salsa and tomato sauce this year, but unfortunately only 4 survived the crazy weather here in Utah.  Today the tomatoes were the latest casualty of Ella.  One of our drip connectors has come apart in our garden and so the garden was completely flooded and I went out there to find about 15 green tomatoes like those little beauties floating around the garden.  So sad.  I think I've given up on getting any red tomatoes.
Green Peppers - these are new this year and have started doing really well.  I'm so excited.  I plan on dicing them all up and sticking them in the freezer.
Carrots - these little guys are so cute.  They aren't quite ready to be pulled yet (I know this cause I pulled one last night and it was only about 4 inches long), but I'm excited that they are growing.
Corn - last year I planted and nothing even popped up.  Sad.  This year I wanted to try it again so I planted white corn and ruby red corn.  Only 8 of the 20 white corn came up and is doing well, but all of the 20 red corn came up and is doing really well.  I'm excited to try this red corn.  It's one of Burpee's sweet hybrid corns.  If nothing else it will look good all dried up as a fall decoration on the front porch.
Strawberries - oh sweet sweet strawberries.  I've decided that store bought strawberries don't even compare to fresh from the garden strawberries.  I planted these little guys last year and they didn't do anything, but this year there was a plethora of strawberries for about a month.  Of course someone (um, Ella) usually got to them before we could, but we managed to snag a few first and they were delish.  
Red Potatoes - I actually picked a couple out of the garden last night, but forgot to take a pic.  
Raspberries - these are transplants and all of them except for one are first year plants.  We have managed to see about 4 raspberries on them before the birds got to them.  One of them I actually managed to eat first.  I'm excited to see what next year brings on these babies.

We've also gotten a bag full of green beans, not really sure what happened to pictures though.  I'll continue to let you know how it goes.

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  1. Awesome! I'm so inspired when I hear other people can grow a successful garden. Congratulations!


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