Monday, August 15, 2011

Weekend Recap... Part 2

Our weekends aren't usually so full of photos, but this last weekend I just happened to have the camera with me at all times and was able to get some fun pictures, sooo... you'll just have to bare with me here.  
After the aquarium, we headed home to enjoy our back yard and do a little yard work, but only after grabbing a slurpee first. :)
 Ashlynn just might end up being the best tackler of the bunch.  She managed to wrestle Ella to the ground.  I think she's been watching Ella and Cameron a little too much.
So Pretty
 The Munchkins love helping mow the lawn...
Let's just hope they keep that enthusiasm.  Oh, and look who was running around in big boy underwear all weekend (except when we were out... I'm not ready to deal with that yet).
 Cameron loves the edger.  I need to find a play one to go with his mower.
 The kids were having so much fun running up and down the hill.  They of course thought it was hilarious when daddy started chasing them with the lawn mower.
 After a few hours of yard work and some delicious dinner... we thought we should end our day with popsicles and bathtime.  
Mmm... give it to me mom!
 As soon as we got outside though it started to rain, but just a little bit, so we huddled under the trees to wait it out.
 Ashlynn was so distraught that she couldn't have the popsicle.  
How can you say no to that face!?!
 Well, you can't.  She's still a little upset here.
 And just to get one more laugh, I took it away again, plus I wanted at least a few bites.
 Pure contentment 
 And there's the glare I got from the hubby.  Remember kids, mom is the nice one that gives you popsicles. :)  He didn't think it was so cool to give Ashlynn a popsicle.

 Yes, she did lick that stick clean.
 Ella decided that they had to do a little dancing before bathtime and bed.  
 And there goes Cameron... yes it does feel like he is really moving this fast all the time... going from mess to mess accident to accident.
 Andrew was a good sport to go along with her demands.

 Even Cameron gets in on the action when Ella gets bossy... especially when it comes to dancing.
 What better way to get a sticky and dripping baby clean before heading to the bath.
 Roxy was more than happy to help out.
David, these last few pics are really for you. :)

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  1. Your yard looks awesome! Your kids are adorable but Roxy needs a diet;). It's funny how she's the chunky version of our dog! I can see what Lady Elaine will look like in a few years. You really do have the CUTEST family. Picture perfect!! & you look so great! Nice job getting back to pre baby so dang fast.


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