Sunday, August 21, 2011

How We Roll...

Many people have asked how I grocery shop with three small children.  Well here are my secrets.  I rarely shop with them if I am doing a coupon shopping trip and need to focus.  If I do this I try to go on the first day of the sale, have a list of exactly what I need with all my coupons ready to go and I go in with a game plan.  I try to get in and get out.  If I don't stay on task and I wander to see if there are any unadvertised deals on things I use all the time (this is certainly not uncommon of me to do), well, I pay for it dearly.  The majority of my couponing trips are for stock up items and not so much our everyday menu items.  So for our everyday menu items I prefer to shop at our local grocery store.  And let me tell you they are fantastic and totally kid friendly.  We usually start our trip with the kids complimentary ice cream cones.  If I'm feeling generous and we have the time a.k.a. Ashlynn isn't going to start screaming to eat in the next hour, then we'll sit and eat ice cream, otherwise we eat it on the go.  Note: Always bring wipes.  Also, they have the car carts that my kids love.  I feel like I'm driving a semi, but it keeps them all contained.  From that point on I shop as quickly as possible all the while bribing the kiddos with free balloons and candy.  Yes, on top of the free ice cream, they get suckers or smarties at checkout and then at customer service they give the kids free balloons.  I usually try to limit the freebies to only one thing of their choosing, but sometimes we've got to pull out all the stops.  
So for your amusement and my memories, here is a little laugh for you...
 Yummy Ice Cream
 We usually start with Ella in the cart
 Until Cameron commandeers both steering wheels
So this is usually how we end up, but Ella is good about staying with me.  Now if only I could get her to not touch everything in site.


  1. How fun! Our grocery stores are not that cool and we don't have cool carts either.

  2. Good old Maceys. My problem now is that Cami doesnt stay in the infant seat anymore so I have a kid loose. You would think Griffin is old enough to be able to follow nicely behind, but not so much. Sometimes I make him sit facing me in the cart with his legs under the push handle and his bum sitting on the lip there (does that make sense?) I dont think I could take all three grocery shopping anywhere other than Maceys and have us all survive.


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