Thursday, August 11, 2011

Ella's Swim Lessons

Ella started her first set of swim lessons this week and she loved it.  We were super excited for her and have spent the last few weeks talking it up so that she would be excited too.  We were a little nervous though since she has never really been a fan of the water and bath time is certainly not her favorite... at least not the hair washing part.  She did great though and was very cooperative for the teacher even when that meant sticking her face in the water to blow bubbles.  Of course she did stick her face in the water a little too much one time and walked right out of the pool to me to wipe her face.  It was kinda funny and luckily she walked right back in and sat down with her class again.  No tears, no freaking out, nothing.  We are so proud of her.
This is where her swim lessons are.  It's a really cool indoor rec center with a great swimming facility. 

 Waiting for class to start.

 It's so nice that the kids area of the pool is sloped like a beach.

 She actually went through the tunnel with the waterfalls.

 Ashlynn was chilling and eating her puffs... shhh, don't tell the lifeguards.  No Food Allowed.

 Oops, a little too much water in the face.

Andrew was so proud of Ella.


  1. How fun!! What a treat for Miss Ella. Looks like a good place to get swimming lessons!!

  2. shanade! great pics of ella's swim lessons - it's good to see them. thanks for sharing!


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