Monday, August 1, 2011

How'd I Do... July Goals

Is it really August already?  I can't believe how fast this year is going.  So, I think I did pretty good last month, but let's take a look.

Homemaking - 
Clean, sort and organize storage room - Fail... just no time, but maybe in August.
Decorate guest room - Well I got a good start on this.  Good thing too considering we had three rounds of guests in July.  I have a few finishing touches to put up and I'd like to change the paint color at some point, but it looks pretty so far.

Cooking - 
Make special treat for Andrew's birthday - I love how the Angry Bird Cupcakes turned out.
Find someway to use 5 dozen eggs - Lots of scrambled eggs, hard-boiled eggs, baking and recipes that needed eggs.

Mothering -
Patience, patience, patience - This is an ongoing goal.

Creating -
Make some art work for the toy room - The kids had a lot of fun finger painting with this homemade finger paint.
Sew curtains for nursery - Let's not talk about this one.

Financing -
Eat out only once a week - I'm pretty sure we blew this one, which is kinda surprising actually since we don't usually eat out much.  
Buy winter clothes for Cameron - I was able to find a few things, but I still need to find some long sleeve shirts and another pair or two of jeans.
Start buying school stuff for Ella... Agh, I can't believe she starts preschool next month - She got to pick out her own backpack.  Of course it's a Princess backpack.

Enriching -
Catch up on blogging - Mostly done. 
Continue working on organizing iPhoto - Fail...
Read two books - Yay, I actually read two books.  I really do love to read and could just sit and read all day if I didn't have three small children to take care of.  And I would like to read at night, but usually prefer a little bit of sleep.

Let's go to August now...

Homemaking -
Paint the toy room
Hang shelves in master bathroom
Organize the storage room
Clean out the pantry
Finish decorating the living room

Cooking -
Try three new recipes
Have a freezer cooking day
Have a freezer "baking" day
Make a monthly menu using stuff we already have

Mothering -
Have more outdoor activities
Take a daily walk

Creating -
Sew nursery curtains
Make shelves for master bathroom

Financing -
Stay in budget this month... eek, this will be hard

Enriching -
Blog three times a week
Read a book

August is going to be quite the ambitious month, so wish me luck.


  1. So one of my goals was to organize iPhoto too. I spent DAYS doing this. I just wanted them in chronological order, separated by months and years. Umm right after I finished doing that BY MYSELF I found that iPhoto could have done it for me. What a waste of time. How are you organizing yours?

  2. What an awesome month! Tons of great goals and progress.

    I've been slowing working on getting our iPhone under control, too. Just organizing it by year and month made me feel so much better and I purged all the extras and yucky picture.

  3. Good Luck!! I still think that it's awesome that you post your goals and how you did! Way to be accountable!


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