Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Yellowstone: Part 1

Our traditional sign picture.
 Ella playing by Yellowstone Lake.
 Those bison are huge.
 Mammoth Hot Springs.  It was so hot there.  Between the sun/heat and the smell Cameron and Ashlynn were miserable.  They are my two that are ultra-sensitive to smells.  It makes for some interesting public bathroom discussions that center around "what is that awful smell" or "it smells horrible in here".
 Evan was happy as long as we were moving.
Here we are at Artists Point trying to get a nice picture.  As you can see there is really no cooperation from anyone but Andrew.  Nice scowl Ella.
Grand Canyon of Yellowstone
 We hiked Uncle Tom's Trail.  It was terrifying!  It consisted of more than 300 stairs that descended 500 feet down the canyon on metal stairs that were bolted to the wall of the canyon.  It was so steep.  It was sheer terror that motivated me to get back up the stairs so fast.  We did get a beautiful view and a nice picture at the end, but my fear of heights was kicking in big time and I was panicking the whole way down.
Poor Andrew got stuck carrying two munchkins on more than one occasion. 
The most awesome part of the day though was on the drive back to the campground when we were stopped by a park ranger because there was a grizzly bear crossing the road.

 Pure Awesomeness!
 We also saw some pronghorn.

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