Friday, August 16, 2013

The Grand Tetons: Part 2

Eating breakfast on our back porch.
 The beginning of our hike up to Inspiration Point.
 These pictures are all at the beginning of the hike when everyone was still happy.

 Our first stop: Hidden Falls... The hike wasn't bad at all up until this point.  It was after this that it wasn't so fun.  It was up steep rocky ledges in the hot hot sun.
 And we're at the top.  The kiddos were not happy as evidenced by this little girls sassy face.  The last part of the hike was not pleasant at all.
Family Pic... The little one is sleeping in the backpack.
 Such a pretty view of Jenny Lake.

 Hidden Falls
 Evan was very happy to be back in his mama's arms for the boat ride back across Jenny Lake after the hike.
These cuties in front of the Tetons while Evan chowed down.

 Nap time.  
 It was so cool to see herds of bison roaming around everywhere.
 There were two of these mule deer hanging around outside our back porch our last night there in Teton.  It was awesome!  They were so close.
 This guy had a serious itch he was trying to scratch.  Hilarious to watch!

 They are so pretty.
 A beautiful sunset off our back porch.  Seriously, this was our view.  It was so nice.
 This fox was looking for food the next morning while we were eating breakfast.
Here we are saying goodbye to the Tetons.  Evan was asleep the second we got in the car, so he missed the photo op.

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