Tuesday, August 13, 2013

The Grand Tetons: Part 1

In July we visited Grand Teton National Park and Yellowstone National Park.  We had a lot of fun and saw a lot of really neat things.  I hope you're ready for picture overload.  I'll have to do a few posts to get all the pictures posted, so I hope you're comfy.
 The first day we traveled to the KOA outside of Jackson, which was right on the Snake River and absolutely beautiful.  We got there a lot later than planned and Andrew quickly made a campfire so that we could make some dinner.  We made cheesy potatoes and chicken in foil pockets over the fire.  It was yummy!  The kids kept wanting more and more.  Totally should have made more.
 We also toasted marshmallows for the kids, which is their favorite.  They were even old enough this year to hold their own roasting sticks.
 Ashlynn still needs a little help.  Once we put the kids to bed, I busted out the good stuff and made some smores for myself.  The best part about camping if you ask me.
 The next morning we played at the awesome playground which is right next to the Snake River.
 My gorgeous girl!
 This boy could throw rocks in the water all day.  He was in heaven!
 Lets stomp the bugs.
Cute family!
 I love my kiddos! Here we are at the Grand Tetons Visitors Center.

 What does a four year old boy do when he isn't supposed to touch the antlers?  He picks it up of course and makes himself a reindeer like the "Grinch".
 The Tetons
 While we were in the Park, we stayed at the Signal Mountain Lodge, which was amazing.  Our first day there we rented a pontoon boat and took the kids out on Jackson Lake.  They loved it.  It was probably one of their favorite parts of the whole trip.
 Evan and mama with the Tetons.
 My babies were tired and cold by the end.
 Andrew let the kids take turns driving the boat.  Ella had a lot of fun.
 Cameron was in heaven.  He told me he couldn't look for a picture because he was driving.
 Taking his job very seriously.
 She was pretty grumpy by the end.  She thought she wanted to jump in the water like Ella and Daddy, but the second she hit the water she changed her mind.  Both she and Cameron did actually.  Let me tell ya, it was one of the funniest things I'd seen in a long time.  I wish I had of been recording it.
 Cameron may not love being in the water, but this boy loves being by the water.  
 Ella and Daddy in Jackson Lake.
 The cabin that we stayed in had this beach (Jackson Lake) out our back door, so when we were at the cabin we spent our time at the lake.
 There were lots of baby schools of fish swimming around.  The kids had fun standing in the water while trying to catch the fish.
 My little fish.
 And then my little one that wanted nothing to do with the cold water after about five minutes.
The people in the cabin next to us were very nice and let the kids play in the raft.  They had lots of fun making Andrew pull them around.

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