Saturday, December 24, 2011

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Happy Fancy Birthday Ella Bella!!!

Ella's birthday was actually on the 7th, but we celebrated on Saturday with a Fancy Nancy birthday soiree.  We invited over five of her little girlfriends to make fancy bracelets, paint nails and eat yummy treats.  The little girls all came wearing their fanciest ensembles.  They had so much fun and Ella absolutely loved it.  We love you baby girl!  Happy 4th Birthday!!!

 The girls all got to go home with cute little bags that had nail polish, a nail file, lots of jewelry, a flower clippie and feather boas.

 They loved the pink sugar.
 Strawberry mallows
 Yummy strawberry cupcakes with pink sugar and pearl sprinkles.
 Pink popcorn... I couldn't stop eating this.
 Cake Batter Truffles
 Chocolate Chip Truffles
 I thought it was cute that the little girls had such a look of anticipation as Ella blew out her candle.
 Time to eat yummy treats.

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Eight Years

Happy Anniversary Babe!!!  Thanks for eight wonderful years.  I have so many great memories because of you.  We've been blessed with three beautiful children that bring so much joy into my life.  I have so much fun when we're together and am so lucky to have you as my best friend.  I look forward to many more memories and many many more years.  I love you!  

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

A New Baby

No, not for me.  This baby is for Ashlynn.  For her first birthday I wanted to give her her own baby doll.  But, I didn't want just any baby doll.  I wanted a cozy cloth doll.  Since Missy loves to cuddle so much, I thought she should have a doll that she could really snuggle with.  So after searching several stores, I decided that they just don't make what I wanted.  So off to Etsy I went and I actually found what I wanted after several searches, but then I looked at the price.  Whawaawaaa!  The price actually wasn't that bad (more than I like to pay, but I probably would've paid it if I didn't have any other options), but considering I have two birthdays, an anniversary and Christmas to pay for all in the span of 25 days, it just wasn't going to happen.  So I drew up a pattern and started sewing.  I will say that in this case the third times the charm.  This is a direct quote from my hubby regarding the first attempt, "It looks like E.T."  So, yeah... onto attempt two... much better, the body and legs were good, but, the head was too small.  So for attempt three I actually just cut the head off the second doll, sewed a new head (the right size) and then attached it to the body.  Perfect!  I was so excited that it actually turned out.  The picture makes the head look funny shaped, but I promise it actually looks okay.  Now onto the rest of the homemade gifts for Christmas.  I actually have several more gifts that I've already made and several more that I need to finish, but I can't post them right now since they're going to people that read this blog.  I guess I have to show those after Christmas.

Sunday, December 4, 2011

Happy Birthday Ashlynn!!!

I can't believe my baby girl is already a year old.  Her birthday was actually the first, I'm just a little late posting this.  It was a crazy busy day and we actually ended up having a late dinner (that the poor girl didn't end up liking), I made a pitiful excuse for a cake as I was preparing dinner and then I didn't even wrap her gift.  I know, I know, I'm a terrible mother.  But, she seems to have not even noticed and so all is well.  I'll make up for it in future birthdays.

 Seriously cute!

 She was more than happy to dig in.

 She looks wasted on chocolate... I think she was just savoring each bite.

 Of course Ella was all to happy to celebrate her sisters birthday... she insisted we have party hats.
 And then there was this little man, who I think was really only in it for the cake and balloons.
 Here is Ashlynn's new baby doll that I made for her.  She loves it, although Cameron keeps taking it from her.
And here is her special present from her birthday twin, who is really a friend of mine from church, loves Ashlynn and just so happens to share her birthday.  Thanks again Sallie.
It was a nice low key birthday celebration for a one year old that has no idea what's going on.  We love you Ashlynn Rose and can't imagine our family without you.  You're such a joy to all of us.

How'd I Do.. November Goals

Once again, where did the month go!?!  Heck, where has this year gone?  Even the last few days of December have gotten away from me.  I meant to post this on the first, but the first was Ashlynn's birthday and anyways, no more excuses.  Let's move on.  I actually did pretty good for the month of November. 

Homemaking - 
Finish winterizing the house - There a couple things that didn't get done, but the main things are done, so we're calling it.
Pull out annuals 
Plant tulips for spring - We've been so lucky.  Up until just a few days ago, we've actually had fall, so I was actually able to get the tulip bulbs planted for next year.  Lets just hope that they grow and let's really hope that I didn't do to much damage to the existing tulip bulbs while trying to plant the new ones.

Cooking -
Try a new recipe each week - Well the cooking was a big fat fail this month.  But, I did come up with an amazing recipe for cranberry sauce that I was pretty excited about.  It was so good on those turkey sandwiches too!
Organize recipes - This is just going to have to wait for January.
Gather favorite recipes - I've got to do this so I can start working on that family cookbook.

Mothering -
Patience - I'm always working on this, yet I always feel like a failure still.  I guess we're not always going to be patient with our kids.
Take Ella on a date - We had to reschedule this one to December.  Fortunately, it was actually because of something she had to go to and she doesn't even seem to remember. 
Take fall pics if we get another nice day - I'm so sad I didn't find the time for this.
Plan Ashlynn's first birthday - Well I win "The Worst Mother of the Year" award. :)  I didn't even make a cake until dinner time and then I didn't have time to let it cool before attempting, attempting being the key word here, to frost it.  The cake looked awful, I didn't even wrap her present and she didn't really like dinner that night.  So big fail on my part.  Ashlynn I promise I'll make it up to you in years to come.  I will say though that I made her gift and it turned out pretty freakin' adorable.
Have Cameron completely potty trained by Thanksgiving - Yes, Yes, Yes!!! Hallelujah, this is done!  He's is actually pretty good at night even.

Creating -
Make a tie for Cameron - Oh my goodness cute!
Craft night with the girls - We had so much fun crafting cute little girlie bows and flowers for our girls hair.
Make the hair clippies for Ella's birthday party - Agh, I've gotta get these done.  Her birthday is next week.  I guess I know what I'll be doing tonight after the kids go to bed.

Financing -
Figure out a budget for the month - Yeah, lets not talk about this.

Enriching -
Read a book - Check... I just love a good mystery.

Okay, so not quite as good as I thought, but not to shabby either.  I'm over it.  Moving on.

December Goals:

Homemaking -
Decorate for Christmas
Deep clean before Christmas

Cooking -
Make a fabulous cake for Ella's birthday party
Try three new recipes
Christmas baking/goodie plates

Mothering -
Take Ella on a date
Remember to read Christmas stories with the kiddos

Creating - 
Finish all the homemade gifts I've planned... there are a lot
Sew a scarf for me... I need something for my stocking too
Finish the flowers and gift bags for Ella's birthday party

Financing -
Figure out a new budget for 2012
Plan budget for the month of December... there is a lot to cram in this month

Enriching -
Read two books
Host our Cooking Group
Have a date night with Andrew... it is our anniversary this month after all

We've got another busy month ahead of us so I guess I should get off this computer and start working now.