Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Happy Fancy Birthday Ella Bella!!!

Ella's birthday was actually on the 7th, but we celebrated on Saturday with a Fancy Nancy birthday soiree.  We invited over five of her little girlfriends to make fancy bracelets, paint nails and eat yummy treats.  The little girls all came wearing their fanciest ensembles.  They had so much fun and Ella absolutely loved it.  We love you baby girl!  Happy 4th Birthday!!!

 The girls all got to go home with cute little bags that had nail polish, a nail file, lots of jewelry, a flower clippie and feather boas.

 They loved the pink sugar.
 Strawberry mallows
 Yummy strawberry cupcakes with pink sugar and pearl sprinkles.
 Pink popcorn... I couldn't stop eating this.
 Cake Batter Truffles
 Chocolate Chip Truffles
 I thought it was cute that the little girls had such a look of anticipation as Ella blew out her candle.
 Time to eat yummy treats.

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  1. What a fun party!! Looks like you went all out! I love reasons to dress up and celebrate!! Happy Birthday Ella!!


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