Thursday, July 7, 2011

Let's Wrap Up Our California Trip... Part Two

For the second week of this trip we spent time with Andrew's family.  We got to spend some time with grandma and grandpa, great-grandma, Uncle Zach, Auntie Em, Uncle Jonathan and Aunt Polin.  Then we made our way to the OC to see Uncle Keith, Aunt Vanessa and baby Morgan, our first cousin on this side of the family.  We spent a couple days there and then headed to Santa Monica where Uncle Jonathan and Aunt Polin got married.  They had a beautiful wedding and Ella loved Aunt Polin's princess dress.  We would have loved to have stayed for more of the reception, but to say that Ella and Cameron were done with the day and having a meltdown would be an understatement.  On Sunday we were finally able to just relax and enjoy some time at grandma and grandpa's before heading home on Monday.
 Lots of bike riding.
 Ella has gotten really good on her bike this year.
 Lots of bath time.  Bath time is sort of Grandma and Grandpa's thing... I don't understand why they like it so much, but it works out great for me.
 Look at that super cute girl.
 Checking out the water.
 Uncle Keith & Ella, Daddy & Cameron - Cameron did not enjoy the pool.
 Oh good, Andrew's driving again.
 Welcome to California.  Ugh, I hate traffic.
 So does Ella apparently.
 She also likes to take pictures.  Hmm... Christmas present maybe?
 Ella and Aunt Polin
 Uncle Jonathan and Aunt Polin
 Ella and Daddy
Ashlynn and Grandpa 
 Cameron was exhausted.
 Stretching our legs in Baker.
 Hello Nevada... 
 We played in Henderson for a while.  This was a great little park we found.
The kids had a lot of fun. 
Arizona... not much to see there. 
It's good to be back home.  We missed you Utah. 
Roxy really missed up too.  She got to stay at Great Grandma and Grandpa's and play with her BFF Pepper.  Thanks for watching her grandma and grandpa.

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