Saturday, July 2, 2011

How'd I Do... June Goals

I can't believe it's already July.  Where is this year going?  Well June was a crazy month for us.  We spent the first two weeks in So Cal visiting family.  Since then we've tackled a few projects here at home.  I still need to blog about it, but lets just say that we pulled a little switcheroo.  We've also been doing a lot of work outside getting the yard in tip top shape since summer has finally decided to grace us with its presence.  Anywho, with all the craziness of last month my goals sort of went out the window, but there's no use whining about it.  Time to move onto July, but first let's take a look at June.

June Goals:

Homemaking -
Swap out munchkins winter clothes for summer clothes... finally.
Finish spring cleaning - Maybe I'll get it done in time for fall cleaning. :)

Cooking -
Try three new recipes - I hardly cooked at all last month.  We ate out way too much the last two weeks of June.  So I definitely didn't try any new recipes.
Make a batch of baby food - I bought the produce, but just haven't had time to make up the batches of food yet.

Mothering -
Survive a week alone with the munchkins

Creating -
Sew something - Fail

Financing -
Stay in budget
Thrift shopping while in California - What a let down this was.  I think I bought three little things for the munchkins.

Enriching -
Catch up on my blogging - Obviously this didn't happen.  Wish me luck for July.
Start organizing my iPhoto - I started deleting pics which is a start.

So here's to July:

Homemaking - 
Clean, sort and organize storage room
Decorate guest room

Cooking - 
Try three new recipes
Make special treat for Andrew's birthday 
Find someway to use 5 dozen eggs

Mothering -
Patience, patience, patience

Creating -
Make some art work for the toy room
Sew curtains for nursery

Financing -
Eat out only once a week
Buy winter clothes for Cameron
Start buying school stuff for Ella... Agh, I can't believe she starts preschool next month.

Enriching -
Catch up on blogging
Continue working on organizing iPhoto
Read two books

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  1. I just love that you post your goals and your results! I wish I had the gumption to just write them down! Good for you even if you don't accomplish all of them!


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