Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Let's Wrap Up Our California Trip... Part One

Okay, so here is a very abridged version of our trip to California.
 Leaving town... everyone's still in good spirits.
 We made it to Great Grandma and Grandpa's... Cameron loved sitting on the four-wheeler, but was way too scared to go for a ride.
 After staying the night, we were on the road again the next morning.  We did manage to get in a few short (and I mean short) naps.
 Don't I look happy to be driving.  Andrew is the designated driver for road trips at our house.  Unfortunately, we're not independently wealthy and he had to work, so he flew down a week later.  Yes, I was in California with my three small children without him.  And yes, I did survive.  Fortunately, Aunt Caitlin flew up so that she could drive down with me.  Thanks again Caitlin!
 One of Cameron's brief happy moments.  He really liked screaming on the drive down.  *Note to self: Always bring a spray bottle on road trips.  Cameron will immediately stop screaming upon being sprayed. :)
 Just happy to be out of the car seat and have a full belly.
 Lunch time in Vegas.
 Amazing how happy one can be over a juice box.
 During our lunch break, Cameron spotted some old guys who were traveling on motorcycles.  They were nice enough to let Cameron check it out. 
 Another twenty minute nap.
 We finally arrived and were so excited to play with two of our three cousins on my side of the family.
 Aunt Brittany - Tessa is distraught that her mommy is holding someone else and Ashlynn is looking like she's about to start eating her.
 Happy Girl
Ella was pretty happy to wear Aunt Caitlin's lei from graduation.
Cameron, Me, Mom, Brittany, Caitlin, Dad, Dublin, Aubrey - only missing eight people

While we were there Ashlynn got to meet her grandpa (my dad) and her other great grandparents for the first time.  We also did a little bit of shopping.  The munchkins got in lots of play time with cousins and I was able to do a lot of visiting with my mom, sisters and grandparents.  I also helped mom do some cleaning out of her craft room. :)  I came home with some fun stuff.  We had a great time visiting and look forward to visiting again.  Thanks for another great trip everyone.  We love you guys.

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