Monday, March 29, 2010

Thrifty Finds

I'm sorry I've been a slacker blogger the last week and a half.  But I have been extremely busy with life at home.  Two of my sisters, niece and nephew came to visit last weekend and so we were too busy having fun, which of course means my munchkins routine was completely messed up, laundry was backed up, cleaning was non-existent and all my money is now gone.  We shopped for two days straight and hit up every thrift store within a 30 mile radius.  So for the last few days I've been trying to get caught up at home while attempting to get the munchkins back onto their schedule (I'm meeting this challenge with minimal success).  Of course Mr. Handsome is teething as well and both kids are getting over runny noses (sorry again about that Brittany), so factor in some extra crankiness on top of refusing to nap and sleep at night and it makes for some rough days.  Anywho, I thought I would at least share my thrifty loot with you.  We went with the intention of finding deals on kids clothes, which I don't usually go to thrift stores for that since you have to sort through so much junk and my kids aren't that patient, but since my sisters wanted to go I thought what the heck.  We had a great time (although the munchkins didn't - Ella Bella started crying that she wanted to go home and sleep when she saw me pull into another parking lot) and I managed to find several great finds.  So here are a few pics of my steals.
I ended up finding a few things for myself.
I'm not loyal to certain brands (I will easily wear off brands if they fit, are cute and affordable), but I do love a good name brand especially when I can get such a great deal.  These sweaters were $1.50 each.
I love love love all these shoes.  Can you believe I only paid $7 for those boots?  And they fit perfectly.  I've looked for boots for years and have never found any that fit me.  Needless to say I was thrilled!

Super cute sweater... Thanks again Brittany.
An adorable zip up hoodie... it had a couple of very light stains that were hardly noticable, but that just makes it perfect for playing outdoors and camping.

I love Target's Cherokee brand for kids.  They always fit so well.
How cute is this "future heart breaker" shirt!?!
$2 for a pair of sandals that she can ruin playing in the yard...
I didn't find nearly as much for Mr. Handsome, but I am really picky about boy clothes.  After sorting through his "grow into" clothing bucket today, it looks like he is already good on 12 & 18 month clothing anyways.  
How cute is this sweater for next winter?  I love argyle!

One of my secret addictions: buying baby girl clothes... hopefully I'll have another girl someday and she can wear these things.  Oh they were just too adorable to pass up, especially this white Old Navy dress that still had the tags on it.

4 women's sweaters
1 maternity sweater (no, I'm not pregnant, but will be again someday)
1 corduroy jacket
2 women's shirts
2 bermuda shorts
1 tweed skirt
3 women's shoes (boots, heals and flats)
4 toddler girl zip/button up sweaters
1 toddler girl corduroy jacket
1 toddler girl light jacket
11 toddler girl t-shirts
1 pair of toddler girls sandals
2 toddler girls shorts
1 toddler girl pants
4 toddler girl skirts
8 baby boy shirts
1 baby boy fleece sweatshirt
1 baby boy sweater
1 baby boy jean
1 baby boy shortalls
1 baby girl dress
2 baby girl skirts
1 baby girl fleece hoodie

All of this for a grand total of $120

Master Bedroom Part 4 - The Furniture

My nightstands finally came in and so I thought I would show you a few pics of my new furniture.  I'm so happy with it.  The only problem is that it requires so much dusting, but what do you expect with dark wood.  Oh well, it's so worth it.

The only thing left to do at this point is to hang the mirror back up over the bed, put pictures in the frames (don't ask me why it always takes me so long to do this) and we would like to look for a new chair for the window area.  My DIY chairs don't quite make the cut in the room anymore, but they will look great in the basement once it's finished and cleaned.  Thanks for sharing in my master bedroom makeover.

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

What's On Your Nightstand?

I think it's time to try some new recipes...

(Technically they're not on my nightstand anymore since I sold those on Monday.  My new nightstands came in and I pick them up on Saturday.  The I can finally show you my new furniture. Yay!)

Friday, March 12, 2010

Glimpses of Home

Chatting at the sky is having a glimpses of home party.  Do you have a picture that just reminds you of home?  I do.  I love this picture.  To me it says it perfectly.  Home Sweet Home.  I love to travel and get together with friends and family and go out, but I really like to just be home because it's where my family can just be together.  We always look forward to coming home after being gone on vacation or just for the day.  It's where we are the most comfortable, where we can all cozy up with a blanket and watch a movie or read a book and where we create memories that will last forever.  What does home mean to you?

Thursday, March 11, 2010

A Little Bit of Spring

The last few weeks we've had absolutely gorgeous weather, for the most part anyway.  Since it's so rare to have such a mild winter here, we've been taking advantage and enjoying this springtime weather.  I've actually been able to let the munchkins go outside, bundled up of course, but still they're outside.  A couple weekends ago we had some really nice weather so we took the munchkins to Sugarhouse Park for a picnic and some playground time.  Both of our munchkins are total outdoor lovers and would live in the backyard if we let them.  Even last summer as a new baby Mr. Handsome loved to be outside.  It works out great for us since we really enjoy being outdoors as well.  So here are a few fun pics.
So happy to be outside despite the chilly weather
All bundled up
Swinging at the park

Thanks again Dublin for teaching Ella how to climb
So independent
Oh how cute is he?  Just ignore the fact that he desperately needs a haircut
A rare family pic... and Ella trying to run and play
A little soccer
Mmmm mom, this ball tastes yummy
Shoot, it got away from me.

Kickin' around the ball
And then the nice weather was gone a couple days later...
but as quickly as the snow came it left.

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Thank You Pottery Barn

Remember a couple of posts back when I showed you some great springtime inspiration from Pottery Barn?  Well I finally got around to replicating that gorgeous glass vase with quail eggs.  I started with some paper mache eggs that I got at Michaels (6 for 1.99).  I painted them with some blue craft paint and then used a toothbrush that dear hubby had just thrown away to splatter them with some dark brown craft paint.  I'll be honest, it took me back to being a kid when we would "spritz" ourselves with water from our toothbrushes.  Kinda gross now, but it was fun as a kid.  Once they were dry I just tossed a little moss into the bottom of my glass vase and piled the eggs on top.  Since I had everything but the eggs this only cost me $1.99.  Much better than PB's $43.00 for the vase and egg filler.  So thanks PB for some great inspiration.
Pottery Barn's

I only wish I had of painted then a tad darker, but I'm happy with them.

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

A Spring Wreath

Because we've had such a mild winter around here, it's beginning to look a lot like spring.  So I had to find something "springy" for my shutters.  When I was at Tai Pan last week (yes I am one of those lucky few who live right down the street from their ginormous store) I saw the cutest little tulip wreath.  Of course I quickly put it back when I saw that they wanted $30 for it.  I figured I could attempt to make my own or hold out and hope that they went on clearance at the end of the season.  I knew that was a fat chance though, so I stewed about it for a few days and this is what I came up with.  

tulips (I used 6)
some sort of berry filler
wreath form (mine is from the dollar store)
hot glue gun with lots of glue
floral wire
ribbon for hanging
I already had a ton of tulips that I bought years ago and they've been sitting in a box since we moved.  I also had a wreath just waiting to be used.  The only supplied I needed to buy for this project were moss (I recently used all of mine and needed to replenish my stock) and a berry filler.

Step 1: wrap the wreath with tulip leaves (depending on how much moss you use you might not need to do this step).  
Step 2: Cut stems off tulips about 10" down (the bottom of the highest leaf).  Poke the ends underneath the wrapped leaves and attach with lots of hot glue and floral wire.

Step 3: Attach some berry filler using hot glue.

Step 4: Attach the moss to the wreath using hot glue. When you're done with the moss attach a few more berry fillers using hot glue.

Step 5: Hang with some ribbon.  I used a great spring green.  I just wish my ribbon was wider, but this is what I had on hand.

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