Monday, March 29, 2010

Thrifty Finds

I'm sorry I've been a slacker blogger the last week and a half.  But I have been extremely busy with life at home.  Two of my sisters, niece and nephew came to visit last weekend and so we were too busy having fun, which of course means my munchkins routine was completely messed up, laundry was backed up, cleaning was non-existent and all my money is now gone.  We shopped for two days straight and hit up every thrift store within a 30 mile radius.  So for the last few days I've been trying to get caught up at home while attempting to get the munchkins back onto their schedule (I'm meeting this challenge with minimal success).  Of course Mr. Handsome is teething as well and both kids are getting over runny noses (sorry again about that Brittany), so factor in some extra crankiness on top of refusing to nap and sleep at night and it makes for some rough days.  Anywho, I thought I would at least share my thrifty loot with you.  We went with the intention of finding deals on kids clothes, which I don't usually go to thrift stores for that since you have to sort through so much junk and my kids aren't that patient, but since my sisters wanted to go I thought what the heck.  We had a great time (although the munchkins didn't - Ella Bella started crying that she wanted to go home and sleep when she saw me pull into another parking lot) and I managed to find several great finds.  So here are a few pics of my steals.
I ended up finding a few things for myself.
I'm not loyal to certain brands (I will easily wear off brands if they fit, are cute and affordable), but I do love a good name brand especially when I can get such a great deal.  These sweaters were $1.50 each.
I love love love all these shoes.  Can you believe I only paid $7 for those boots?  And they fit perfectly.  I've looked for boots for years and have never found any that fit me.  Needless to say I was thrilled!

Super cute sweater... Thanks again Brittany.
An adorable zip up hoodie... it had a couple of very light stains that were hardly noticable, but that just makes it perfect for playing outdoors and camping.

I love Target's Cherokee brand for kids.  They always fit so well.
How cute is this "future heart breaker" shirt!?!
$2 for a pair of sandals that she can ruin playing in the yard...
I didn't find nearly as much for Mr. Handsome, but I am really picky about boy clothes.  After sorting through his "grow into" clothing bucket today, it looks like he is already good on 12 & 18 month clothing anyways.  
How cute is this sweater for next winter?  I love argyle!

One of my secret addictions: buying baby girl clothes... hopefully I'll have another girl someday and she can wear these things.  Oh they were just too adorable to pass up, especially this white Old Navy dress that still had the tags on it.

4 women's sweaters
1 maternity sweater (no, I'm not pregnant, but will be again someday)
1 corduroy jacket
2 women's shirts
2 bermuda shorts
1 tweed skirt
3 women's shoes (boots, heals and flats)
4 toddler girl zip/button up sweaters
1 toddler girl corduroy jacket
1 toddler girl light jacket
11 toddler girl t-shirts
1 pair of toddler girls sandals
2 toddler girls shorts
1 toddler girl pants
4 toddler girl skirts
8 baby boy shirts
1 baby boy fleece sweatshirt
1 baby boy sweater
1 baby boy jean
1 baby boy shortalls
1 baby girl dress
2 baby girl skirts
1 baby girl fleece hoodie

All of this for a grand total of $120


  1. Id say you scored! Ill buy those sweaters from you for 2 bux? Just kidding!!!

  2. omg after looking thru my "loot" I wanted to drive back up there and have another round of shopping :)start saving your pennys for when you come down and we'll have a girls day and hit up all the store's around here :)

  3. Hi! I am a new follower and have enjoyed going through your blog.

    Wow - what great deals. I love to go thrifting and to flea markets. I think it's one of the best ways to reduce, re-use, recycle! I need to start looking at more clothing than I do.

    I love those sweaters - super cute.
    Each week I do a round-up of my finds on my blog.
    Happy hunting!


  4. WOW!! You did great!! I have an addiction to girls clothes too...I'm out every Saturday morning in the spring and summer hitting up yard sales for them. Now buying something full price at a store just about kills me!

    Thanks for stopping by my blog and saying hello!


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