Thursday, March 11, 2010

A Little Bit of Spring

The last few weeks we've had absolutely gorgeous weather, for the most part anyway.  Since it's so rare to have such a mild winter here, we've been taking advantage and enjoying this springtime weather.  I've actually been able to let the munchkins go outside, bundled up of course, but still they're outside.  A couple weekends ago we had some really nice weather so we took the munchkins to Sugarhouse Park for a picnic and some playground time.  Both of our munchkins are total outdoor lovers and would live in the backyard if we let them.  Even last summer as a new baby Mr. Handsome loved to be outside.  It works out great for us since we really enjoy being outdoors as well.  So here are a few fun pics.
So happy to be outside despite the chilly weather
All bundled up
Swinging at the park

Thanks again Dublin for teaching Ella how to climb
So independent
Oh how cute is he?  Just ignore the fact that he desperately needs a haircut
A rare family pic... and Ella trying to run and play
A little soccer
Mmmm mom, this ball tastes yummy
Shoot, it got away from me.

Kickin' around the ball
And then the nice weather was gone a couple days later...
but as quickly as the snow came it left.


  1. haha Dublin says "you're welcome!". we can't wait to see the little ones...hurry down :)

  2. Cute! We love the park. It's just nice to be outside and let the kiddos run themselves out! Glad you're having good weather!


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