Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Thank You Pottery Barn

Remember a couple of posts back when I showed you some great springtime inspiration from Pottery Barn?  Well I finally got around to replicating that gorgeous glass vase with quail eggs.  I started with some paper mache eggs that I got at Michaels (6 for 1.99).  I painted them with some blue craft paint and then used a toothbrush that dear hubby had just thrown away to splatter them with some dark brown craft paint.  I'll be honest, it took me back to being a kid when we would "spritz" ourselves with water from our toothbrushes.  Kinda gross now, but it was fun as a kid.  Once they were dry I just tossed a little moss into the bottom of my glass vase and piled the eggs on top.  Since I had everything but the eggs this only cost me $1.99.  Much better than PB's $43.00 for the vase and egg filler.  So thanks PB for some great inspiration.
Pottery Barn's

I only wish I had of painted then a tad darker, but I'm happy with them.


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