Monday, February 15, 2010

I Finally Found It...

Yippee!!!  I finally found bedroom furniture today.  I have been searching for furniture that I love and can afford for years really, but have finally gotten the okay from my dear hubby to actually make this purchase if I was to find something.  Well since making over our master bedroom I've been on an all out search for furniture.  Unfortunately, the furniture that I would find and fall in love with was way out of my budget so I would continue looking and then I would find a bed that I loved, but didn't care for the dresser and on and on this went.  Well this morning I remembered a furniture store that I liked to browse when we lived in Provo and so I figured that with it being President's Day and all they would have some sort of sale going on.  So I loaded up the munchkins and drove to Provo in the rain.  When we got there I started to look around and just couldn't find anything that I was in love with.  That is until the second to last bed that I looked at.  It was like angels were singing and a light was shining down from heaven.  I fell in love and I fell hard.  And to make this happy day even better the set had been previously marked down and it was another 50% off of that because it was the only one left and it was the floor model.  Okay, so I realize that I'm super picky when it comes to furniture and the littlest thing will turn me off to something, so I started going down my checklist.  Solid bed - this bed isn't going anywhere.  Check.  Color - it's a beautiful espresso color.  Check.  Beautiful, timeless and classic knobs that are modern without being too modern.  Check.  A chest big enough for our stuff - we don't have a wall big enough for a dresser so we needed a bigger than average chest.  Check.  Dovetail finishing on the drawers.  Check.  Furniture that looks like it is out of a Pottery Barn catalog.  Check.  Oh my gosh!  This set meets all my criteria.  So I quickly called dear hubby and what did that wonderful man say?  "Whatever makes you happy Babe.  If you're happy with it then I'll be happy."  Of course, he also told me not to pester him about bedroom furniture ever again after this.  So I happily paid for my new beautiful furniture while feeling like I got an amazing deal.  The bed and chest will be delivered on Thursday, but unfortunately the night stands won't be in for another 4-6 weeks so I'll have to wait for those.  Anywho, so would you like to see some pretty pictures?  Of course you would.  Okay, here you go.

Oh, I think I'm in love and pretty giddy too...


  1. ooohhh, I love that little pull out on the night stand!

  2. Ditto, Sherece! That's a really unique little feature. Good job, Shanade!

  3. oh it's beautiful. love the color of the wood.


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