Wednesday, September 12, 2012

How'd I Do... August Goals

This is very late, but I just haven't had the motivation to blog lately.  Kinda sad, especially since I have so much to blog about, but I'd rather snuggle my little man for now (and sleep).  So here is how August went...

August Goals:

Homemaking -
Clean the house in preparation for baby - Done
Wash the infant car seat cover... the last thing to do in preparation for little guy - Done
Get the carpets cleaned - Done
Clean out fridge and freezer - Done

Cooking -
Finish the freezer cooking - Done.  I made 3 loaves of meatloaf, 2 gallon size bags of stuffed shells, 4 trays of baked ziti, 3 trays of beef enchiladas, 2 trays of enchilada bake, 10 quarts of pasta sauce and 4 quart size bags of taco meat.  I also stocked the freezer with veggies, fruit and frozen yogurt scoops for smoothies, chicken, ground beef and various other meats.  It was a very successful few days of cooking the week before baby was born.

Mothering -
Snuggle my new baby - Done
Make time to snuggle my other babies - Done

Creating -
Make big sister shirts for the girls - Fail :(

Financing -
Stay in budget - I think I actually managed to do this

Enriching -
Find a book to pack in hospital bag... maybe another gardening one - Fail... but I ended up taking advantage of the quiet and slept the whole time I was at the hospital anyways.

So August was a pretty darn good month.  I guess that nesting instinct really helps to motivate you.  Okay, onto September...

September Goals:

Homemaking -
Start the fall cleanup
Switch light fixture in laundry room
Add hooks in laundry room

Cooking -
Get back into the habit of planning a weekly menu
Bake something new from Pinterest

Mothering -
Snuggle my baby
Evan's baby blessing
Practice patience with my number two child

Creating -
Paint the house numbers

Financing -
Figure out the new budget

Enriching -
Read a new book
Make it to our Neighborhood Cooking Group

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