Friday, August 31, 2012

Summer 2012

Since I was very pregnant all summer we didn't do a whole lot.  Fortunately, the kiddos seemed to be okay with that.  We did have some fun though.   
 The kids favorite thing to do this summer was running through the sprinklers.  This was huge considering last summer everyone was terrified to get wet.  They started out running around the sprinklers, but by the end of summer they were sticking their little heads in the water to get their hair wet.  It was kinda cute.
 I love this girl!  She is such a good big sister.
 I was happy to see my little trouble-maker enjoying the water too.
 I did some canning this summer.  We've got nectarines, pears and pear sauce.  Peach season is upon us, so hopefully I can get some peaches canned in the next couple of weeks and then in October we'll can some applesauce.
 We also got to go swimming with Aunt Caitlin and Uncle Brian.
 Most of the summer Cameron would only sit on the top step of the pool.  By the very end of summer though, he had gotten much braver and was playing in the water.
 Ella of course was a little fish every time she got near the water.
 This lil' one loves all things girly.
 We had a couple of rainstorms that the kiddos just had to play in.  This was an especially good one.

 The kids were lucky enough to go to the zoo with their Auntie and Uncle.  Too bad it was so hot, but they loved it anyways and are so sad to see them move.

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