Thursday, August 9, 2012

How'd I Do... July Goals

This is way late, but life has been crazy around here.  July went way too fast, but we managed to get a lot of things done and then we were able to spend a week at the beach relaxing... well as relaxing as vacation can be with three munchkins.  We got home late Saturday night to a very hot home (thank you swamp cooler for breaking and leaking all over the hall while we were on vacation).  Fortunately, Andrew got it fixed Tuesday night, but let me tell you it was a very hot three days with no air for this 8 1/2 month preggers mama.  But now I've got to get all the walls cleaned, the pictures cleaned or replaced (water made its way into some of the frames) and the carpets cleaned (I was secretly happy about this part since I've been wanting them cleaned for a while now).  Anyways, as usual life is busy.  I've got a week and a half to prepare for this baby... unless he wants to be really kind and come earlier, I doubt that though.  So lots of cleaning and freezer cooking in my future.  Good thing I finished the nursery and washing all the baby clothes before I left on vacation.
Okay, enough about that, let's move on to July's goals.

July Goals:

Homemaking -
Swap kids rooms around - Done.  It was a rough transition, but it's slowly getting better.
Decorate big kids room - I love how it turned out.  Maybe I'll have the motivation to clean it and take pictures one of these days.
Paint the nursery - Done.  Unfortunately, the color didn't color match very well so it's not exactly what I was planning on, but I do like the color, so I'll live with it.
Set up the nursery - Done
Finish cleaning and organizing the storage room - Nope and there is no time left for this.
Deliver the donation boxes to the DI - Done
Clean and decorate the laundry room - Fail, Fail, Fail... maybe this will be a good winter project.

Cooking -
Make six freezer meals - Done, although it wasn't technically in July... minor details though.
Sort through and donate cookbooks - Done
Try three new recipes - Done

Mothering -
Patience, patience, patience - Oh my poor, poor children.  Between being prego and this ridiculous heat we've been having, the last thing I've had is patience.
Do at least one art project a week - Yeah right.
Find time to spend alone with each kiddo - I've been working on this.

Creating -
Make art for munchkin room - Done and it's exactly what I wanted.  Thanks honey for your help.
Find some crafts for vacation - Done, but they spent every waking minute at the beach, so we didn't do anything.
Plant potatoes in garden - Um, no... let's just say that sitting in my hot kitchen was not good for them and they had to take a trip to the dump.

Financing -
Figure out budget for July - Done.
Stick to budget for July - Close enough.
Finish buying baby clothes - Little man has what he'll need for now, but I've definitely got to get some 3 month winter clothes for this little guy.

Enriching -
Read a book - Yep.  I read this great book my MIL gave me called "The Forgotten Skills of Self-Sufficiency used by the Mormon Pioneers."  I highly recommend it if you're into gardening.  It got me really excited for our garden/yard next summer.
Blog once a week at least - This was obviously a big fat failure.
Start scripture study again - Again, no.

So, now that we're practically half way through August and I'm expecting baby any day now, lets see what I want to do in August.

August Goals:

Homemaking -
Clean the house in preparation for baby
Wash the infant car seat cover... the last thing to do in preparation for little guy
Get the carpets cleaned
Clean out fridge and freezer

Cooking -
Finish the freezer cooking

Mothering -
Snuggle my new baby
Make time to snuggle my other babies

Creating -
Make big sister shirts for the girls

Financing -
Stay in budget

Enriching -
Find a book to pack in hospital bag... maybe another gardening one

Well I think that is enough to cram into a week and a half... wish me luck.  Hopefully I'll get a couple more blog posts up this week.  I've got several things to post, it's really just finding the time and motivation at this point.

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