Sunday, July 1, 2012

How'd I Do... June Goals

My goodness, I can't believe we are halfway through 2012 already.  Crazy.  Time sure does seem to go by so much faster when you have kiddos... to me anyways.  Let's see how June went.

June Goals:

Homemaking -
Finish the kiddos closet - We finally finished this.  
Move Ashlynn into kids room???  Nope, but this month for sure.
Refinish bunk bed - No, I think I decided to keep the wood finish.

Cooking -
Continue meal planning and cooking - Yep.  Definitely a huge improvement from the past couple of months.
Organize recipe box - Sorta, but I'm going to count it as a yes.

Mothering -
Set up chore charts - I started working on this, but I'm not super happy with how it came out, so I want to start over.
Make art project schedule for summer - No, but I've got several fun ideas that we just need to start doing.

Creating -
Plant potatoes in garden - Agh, no...  Obviously this really needs to get done.  I guess we'll have a nice fall crop of potatoes.

Financing -
Plan budget for the month - Yep and I actually managed to stay in budget.

Enriching -
Read a book - I actually did this too.  I'm not really sure why I've had such a hard time reading lately, especially since I love to read, but I just can't find the motivation for it these days.  It must be the pure exhaustion by the time I crawl into bed.

Let's move onto July.  This month is going to be crazy busy with way too much to cram in.  Wish me luck!

July Goals:

Homemaking -
Swap kids rooms around
Decorate big kids room
Paint the nursery
Set up the nursery
Finish cleaning and organizing the storage room
Deliver the donation boxes to the DI
Clean and decorate the laundry room

Cooking -
Make six freezer meals
Sort through and donate cookbooks
Try three new recipes

Mothering -
Patience, patience, patience
Do at least one art project a week
Find time to spend alone with each kiddo

Creating -
Make art for munchkin room
Find some crafts for vacation
Plant potatoes in garden

Financing -
Figure out budget for July
Stick to budget for July
Finish buying baby clothes 

Enriching -
Read a book
Blog once a week at least
Start scripture study again

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