Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Woohoo For Curb Appeal

We did quite a bit in the two and a half years that we lived there.  So lets start with the front.  When we first moved into our home it looked like this...
 In fact this is the picture from the MLS listing.
Here is a picture that we took on one of the many walk throughs.  As you can see the planters were overgrown with who knows what (whatever it was was stinky when it got wet) and the house lacked any sort of curb appeal.
Slowly making some progress.  We started by tearing out the growth and railroad ties.
 I love my boxwoods!
 Clean and simple with a nice pop of color.

The tree in the front yard was my favorite... Ella and I used to lay underneath this tree and play when she was a baby.
Starting to look good.
 The shutters helped a lot.
What we finished with.  There was so much more I would have loved to do if money wasn't a concern... a new door, maybe a porch, different railing, new concrete, new roof, blah, blah, blah... We did do quite a bit though... new windows (sniff, sniff, I still miss the brand new windows), house numbers, light fixture, mailbox, shutters, planters... sigh...

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