Monday, May 2, 2011

I Can't Believe It's Already Been Two Years

I don't think I've ever blogged here about our first home, but today seemed the perfect time to do so.  Two years ago today we moved from our first home (which we still miss) into our new or not so new anymore home.  We needed to move for many reasons, the biggest of which was that we needed more space.  The home was also fifty years old and in need of some serious love (which really just means lots of money).  We talked many, many times about doing some serious remodeling and adding a large addition, but the reality was that with our neighborhood we would never get our money back out if we needed to sell for any reason.  So when I was pregnant with Cameron we started considering the possibility of moving, but never found anything that we were happy with until one day we saw another home that would work for us,  it had the space we needed, it was in the area that we wanted to stay in, in fact it was the same neighborhood just two streets over.  So we decided to put an offer on the home a couple of days later.  Five weeks later, we sold our home and four weeks later we moved into our new home.  It was kind of a crazy time for our family to move especially since I was eight months pregnant, but, we managed to get through it.  So here is a little tour of our first home.
 Welcome to Our Home
 Living Room

 I sure miss the hardwood floors.
 Dining Room/Breakfast Nook
 Upstairs Bathroom
 Miss Ella's nursery
 Master Bedroom
 Yes, I installed this closet organizer too.
 My old craft room
 The Basement
Our backyard was huge and had a lot of potential to be great.

I'll be back tomorrow with pictures of my favorite projects.


  1. What a great home! It's pretty inside and out.

  2. Cute home! There are so many memories of a first home too so that makes you miss it more I think.

    I know what you mean - I miss our first home too. It was the cutest -a 150 year-old farmhouse Victorian with neat architecture and lovely floors.

    Now I am trying to make this oh-so-70's- house into something. We'll see!


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