Thursday, July 29, 2010

In Desperate Need of Motivation

Okay friends, I'm in desperate need of some motivation.  I've got so many projects that "need" to get done before baby arrives in four months and tons of inspiration for all of these projects, but I'm lacking some serious motivation.  I'm just so tired all the time... and on top of all these projects I have the same old same old house chores to do as well, which are usually neglected as well these days.  All I really want to do is shop which is a huge problem.  Anywho, here are some of my "need" to get done projects and a little inspiration to go with them.
The Pantry

Since we all know that a new baby can't come home to a messy and unorganized pantry, this has made my "need" to do project list.  Aren't these pantries just gorgeous and oh so organized!?!

The Laundry Room
Since you spend so much of your life in this little room when you have small children and especially a new baby, I would really like to get our laundry room decorated and organized to fit our family's needs.

Master Bath

Our master bath is still in a constant state of disaster because I've done nothing with it since moving in over a year ago.  There is no organizational thingamagigers whatsoever in there.  There is only one small and ugly towel bar, which if it weren't for that we wouldn't even have a place to hang towels.  The paint color is this awful light victorian rose color (the previous owner really really liked pinks).  You have to watch your toes when you open the tiny vanity door because something is bound to jump out at them.  The list could go on and on, so this really needs to just be done already.

In addition to these big projects I've still got to get the nursery done (I have no idea what I want to do in there), the munchkins room needs finished (I say it like I've started), I would love to get the toy room done since I know it'll be a long winter all cooped up in the house with a new baby, I'm still trying to finish up the munchkins bathroom, and then in addition to all this canning season will be upon us soon and I've also got to get oodles of freezer meals made up in preparation for bringing this baby home and then we have the holidays on top of it all.  Yep, I definitely need to get my motivation back!


  1. You are so amazing! I just need the motivation to figure out what needs to get done around our house! Keep up the amazing work!

  2. Jeez! I'd LOVE doing laundry if my laundry room looked like that!

    I set a timer when I need motivation. "I'm folding laundry for 10 minutes and then I get to quit" is what I say, but by the time the ten minutes is up, I usually finish it off because I'm already there. If I don't, at least I got 10 minutes done, right? You might want to try it!


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