Thursday, June 3, 2010

Happy Birthday Little Man!!!

Today is Cameron's first birthday.  My baby is getting so big and growing up so fast.  He has become quite the little boy recently and so for his birthday he got lots of balls and trucks.  This morning when he woke up we gave him a soccer ball that he played with for an hour and a half.  He wouldn't even let go of it for breakfast (which if you know my kids and food, that's unheard of - they really like to eat).  Tomorrow we're having a little bbq/birthday shindig with friends whose little boy has the same birthday, except that he is a year older.  We figured since we didn't really want to go all out for a one and two year olds birthday and we have all the same friends, we would just combine birthdays and have a bbq.  Anyways, should be fun.

Happy Birthday Cameron!  We love you lots and lots.  You've been so fun to have around this last year and we look forward to many more memories.

He was so tiny...

He found the bag of animal cookies in the diaper bag and dumped them out while I was helping Ella.  He had eaten quite a few at this point and was pretty full.


  1. Holy moly! Who's the little man in the last two pictures?? He's so grown up I can't believe it. Anyways HAPPY BIRTHDAY Cameron! We love you :)

  2. Whoa! I agree with Brittany. He looks so grown up in the last few pictures!!
    Happy Birthday Cameron!! Love you!!


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