Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Moab - Day 2

On day two we decided to do the things we really wanted to do just in case we left early. 
 That morning we got up early and decided to do the hike to Delicate Arch.  Now I am not a hiker, so the thought of a three mile hike, in the hot sun, across a big rock, with three kids and being prego... this did not sound fun to me, but this was the one thing Andrew really wanted to do, so yeah.  

 By the time we made it to the arch, Andrew was the only one still happy... Don't let my smile fool you.

All of the kids cried at least once on the hike.  Fortunately, we all survived and as a bribe to the kids to finish the hike we got chicken nuggets, french fries and frosty's for lunch.
 After lunch we went back into the park.  I figured we could drive around while the kids slept.  Ashlynn was out cold for about an hour, so I stayed in the car with her and the air while Andrew and the other kids hiked around some of the closer arches.

Cameron at Balance Rock.
Ella at Balance Rock.

The kids had fun hiking around with Andrew, but we were all ready to go home.  It was way to hot, Ashlynn was still sick and Andrew and I decided it was just too much work.  So we came home Monday morning and enjoyed a week at home.  Lesson learned.  No more week long camping trips in the heat with the kids for a few years.  We also decided that we like camping in the mountains more than the desert.

Moab - Day 1

This year we decided that we were going to go camping in Moab for our summer trip.  Let me preface this by saying that our family loves camping and we've been many times with the kids and never had a problem.  We've even gone when I've been prego before, so I wasn't really worried about that.  Well, let's just say this trip did not go as planned and rather than having a fun filled week of camping, we lasted two days before packing up and heading home for a wonderful staycation.
It all started while we were making the four hour drive and Ashlynn decided to puke not once, but twice.  Of course she'd been fine all morning, so we assumed it was car sickness, which she's never had before, but we really didn't want to cancel out trip when she was probably fine.  Once we arrived we set up camp, had a really late dinner and crashed for the night (I use this term loosely).
 The next morning after the worst night sleep possible because a little boy was having nightmares all night and eventually decided the best place to sleep was with his feet in my face, we decided to go into Arches National Park.  While getting ready to leave Ashlynn decided to throw up her milk all over Andrew, the tent, our sleeping bags and our air mattress.  Lovely.  Needless to say we were a little terrified to get in the car again at this point with her, but the thought of air conditioning (in awful high 90's weather) won out and we loaded up.  
 Lunch in the parking lot.
 While driving around we found Sand Dune Arch, which the kids loved.  It was a very short walk through a lot of really fine sand.
 Doesn't Ashlynn look so happy.

 After playing in the sun and sand, we decided to go back to camp and swim.  Of course, in my craziness to get everything packed, I forgot Andrew's swim trunks.  Kind of essential since someone has to hop in the pool with the kiddos and since I've gained a few pounds, it wasn't going to be me.  After driving around for a while we finally found some basic swimming trunks that weren't uber fancy, do everything but your laundry and cost you your first born child.  So with that we went back to camp so we could all change and swim.  Of course, since nothing could be easy on this trip, that would mean that we couldn't find Ella's swimsuit in the suitcase.  Knowing that I had put her swimsuit with her clothes to pack, we learned that an over excited little girl decided to play with her swimsuit while I was trying to pack and it hadn't gotten put in the suitcase.  So once again we loaded everyone up and headed back to the store to get a new swimsuit for Ella.  Quite frustrating since she had two brand new swimsuits at home.  Oh well.  
 It's a good thing this girl loves the water.  She was quite happy to be splashing in the pool.
 This little girl on the other hand was not happy to be in the water.
 She sure has some nasty scowls.
 Ella even got really brave and went under the water to blow bubbles.

 Andrew got Cameron to go in the water for a short minute, not even long enough to get a pic, that is how much he hated the water.  He was quite content to just play at the edge of the pool though.
After the pool, we played at the "playground".  I don't really think a small slide and three swings counts as a playground, but it worked.
 Fortunately, they all slept pretty good that night. 
Oh yeah, did I forget to mention that this little one decided to get the runs as well as the pukes on day one.

Friday, June 8, 2012

Last Day Of Preschool

Last Friday was Ella's last day of Preschool.  She is actually really sad about not going to school anymore.  I'm still kinda shocked that we've already finished her first year of school.  She is growing up so fast.  She has loved school, made lots of new friends and really loved her teacher.  She is lucky enough to go to preschool again next year.  She is already talking about when she goes back to school. I'm so glad that she loves school and is such a good student.  I love you Miss Ella Bella!
Ella singing in her Preschool program.
Ella worked all year to make this special book.  She was so proud of it and read the whole thing to us.

We are so lucky to have such an amazing teacher who loves Ella and is excited to teach both Ella and Cameron next year.
Aunt Caitlin was able to come see Ella on her last day of school.
Ashlynn really liked playing in the dirt.

Cameron was in awe of the swing.