Monday, June 4, 2012

How'd I Do... May Goals

Where did May go!?!  I can't believe how fast the month flew by.  As usual it was a busy month for us.  So let's see how I did with the goals...

May Goals:

Homemaking - 
Organize storage room - Nope
Spring cleaning... this is essential - Slowly working on this... I think my nesting instincts are finally setting in so hopefully that will give me the motivation I need to finish this up.
Organize kids closet - Almost done.  This project is taking way too long, but really it's my fault.  I just can't decide on what shelving I want to use.

Cooking -
Start cooking and meal planning again - Finally started cooking again.
Start organizing my recipes - Fail

Mothering -
Do something fun with the kiddos - The kids loved Ella's field trip.  They've also had a lot of fun playing outside with the dogs lately.

Creating -
Finish planting the garden - Everything is planted except potatoes, which I grabbed at the last minute when Lowe's was clearancing them out at 75% off.  These will be planted this week.  

Financing -
Stay in budget - Yep

Enriching -
Read a book - Yep
Sort through magazines and toss - Nope

June Goals:

Homemaking -
Finish the kiddos closet
Move Ashlynn into kids room??? 
Refinish bunk bed

Cooking -
Continue meal planning and cooking
Organize recipe box

Mothering -
Set up chore charts
Make art project schedule for summer

Creating -
Plant potatoes in garden

Financing -
Plan budget for the month

Enriching -
Read a book

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