Thursday, January 5, 2012

Laundry Love

I have three organizational goals for the house this year... 1) makeover the laundry room, 2) revamp the kids closet and 3) organize the storage room.  Now, the kids closet should take priority, but I'm really wanting to do the laundry room first.  After all, I walk into and through that room countless times a day.  So after scouring pinterest (oh, how I love pinterest), here is what I've come up with for the laundry room.
 I love this serene wall color.
 I love everything about this room... the wall color, the mirror, the wire basket and the light fixture.
 I need these shelves above my washer and dryer.
 Shelving for the opposite side of the room.
Love the glass containers for laundry soap, stain removers, vinegar, etc...

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