Monday, November 28, 2011

{Christmas Is In The Air}

Now that Thanksgiving is over, I'm officially allowed to get out all things Christmas.  After skimming through my beloved Pottery Barn magazine, I just had to share some of the things I'm loving this year.
 So many gorgeous tree ornaments as usual.
 I love the new velvet stockings they have this year.
 Look at this gorgeous pillow... this would be so easy to make.
 I'm loving this entryway... the bench, the picture wall and lets not forget about that glass light fixture.
 As usual, they've got some great seasonal fillers for all those glass jars.
 I love the acorns and glittered pinecones.
 A simple berry wreath for the windows maybe?
 Another pretty pillow that would be so easy to make.
 What a great tree.
And you can't forget a cozy sherpa blanket or two... the pup is kinda cute too.

Thursday, November 24, 2011

I have so much to be grateful for this year.  I'm married to an amazing, hard-working and dedicated husband who loves me and we've been blessed with three beautiful, happy and healthy children.  We have a beautiful home that keeps us warm and comfortable.  We get to spend the holidays with family.  I'm so lucky to stay home with my kiddos and as frustratingly busy as it is sometimes, I'm grateful that my husband has such a good job that allows him to support our family.  
I hope everyone else is having a wonderful holiday and that you get to eat some amazingly yummy food too.  Happy Thanksgiving!

Monday, November 21, 2011

Stepping Out

So onto more updates... guess whose walking like crazy?
 That's right, this little lady is all over the place now.  She started toddling around about a month ago and for the last three weeks or so she just hasn't stopped.  She loves that she can chase her brother and sister... she even growls as she does it.  It's currently their favorite game.

 I could just eat those cheeks up...
Yes, she likes to eat her brothers trucks and yes, he does get mad.

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Weekend Road Trip

A couple weekends ago we took a little road trip up to Rexburg to see my sister.  This is her first semester at BYU Idaho, so we got to take the tour of campus, check out her apartment and meet her roommates.  It was nice to visit with Aunt Caitlin and soon to be Uncle Brian.  The kids had so much fun and were really excited to stay in a "fancy hotel".  The hotel had an indoor pool, which was of course a huge hit with them.  

 Aunt Caitlin and Uncle Brian got engaged last weekend, so we're super excited for them.
Congratulations you two!

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Halloween 2011

 Ella kicked off Halloween with a costume party at Preschool.

 That's the cutest little witch I've ever seen... too bad I couldn't find a hat.
Everyone had fun trick or treating and got way too much candy.  It was also really nice that we didn't have rain, snow or freezing temps this year.

Pumpkin Carving

 Cameron really enjoyed driving through all the pumpkin mess.

Pumpkin Picking

I know, I know... this is a little late, but here is a little recap of October.  The week before Halloween we headed out to our usual pumpkin patch.  The munchkins were very particular about what pumpkins they picked out this year.  Of course Ella was more than willing to "help" everyone else pick out their pumpkins, but don't try to help her.  Funny girl.
 This looks like a great pumpkin for Ashlynn

 Fortunately, this little one still doesn't mind her sisters help.

 It's getting harder and harder to take pictures of them all together.

 We were so lucky to have gorgeous weather through October.
The munchkins had so much fun picking out pumpkins this year.  They literally had been looking forward to it since last Halloween.