Tuesday, November 1, 2011

How'd I Do... October Goals

Another month has come and gone.  Halloween is over and Thanksgiving is quickly approaching.  Only 54 days until Christmas and I've barely even begun to do my Christmas shopping.  My goodness this year is going way too quickly.  Lets see how I did for the month of October...

Homemaking -
Clean up the garden for fall 
Weed the flower beds for fall - I guess this will be a spring project.
Start wintering the house - We started getting stuff done, but we've still got a few things on that list.

Cooking -
Try three new recipes
Try making french bread
Continue organizing recipes
Can some applesauce and apple butter - I just couldn't get myself to do this.

Mothering -
Continue with the patience thing
Squeeze in a few last play dates while we still have nice weather
Visit the farm... fall pics - Sadly, this just didn't happen.

Creating -
Finish the Halloween costumes - They turned out so cute.  

Financing -
Stay in budget - Technically no, but it was only by $7... so I'm gonna count it.

Enriching -
Personal scripture study
Read a book

November's Goals:

Homemaking - 
Finish winterizing the house
Pull out annuals 
Plant tulips for spring

Cooking -
Try a new recipe each week
Organize recipes
Gather favorite recipes

Mothering -
Take Ella on a date
Take fall pics if we get another nice day
Plan Ashlynn's first birthday
Have Cameron completely potty trained by Thanksgiving

Creating -
Make a tie for Cameron
Craft night with the girls
Make the hair clippies for Ella's birthday party

Financing -
Figure out a budget for the month

Enriching -
Read a book

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